Three Women-Led Startups Help Couples Reconnect

Of the average 2.5 hours that couples spend together per day, only 59 minutes is spent without technology present. 1 in 3 couples spend less than 30 minutes together per day.

Published Sep 05 2018 3 min read
  • Of the average 2.5 hours that couples spend together per day, only 59 minutes is spent without technology present
  • 1 in 3 couples spend less than 30 minutes together per day
  • 41% of couples think that their partner is spending too much time on technology
  • Smartphones have colonised the bedroom
    • 79% check their apps within one hour of going to bed
    • 1 in 3 check their phone in the middle of the night
    • 55% check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up

Three female-led startups have partnered to help couples reconnect and spend more quality time with each other. Their research shows that of the 2.5 hours per day on average that couples spend together, over half is disrupted by the presence of technology.

MysteryVibeLittle Riot and Desire App have launched a joint campaign to highlight the growing impact of technology on our relationships, and to encourage couples to make more time for each other.

MysteryVibe co-founder Stephanie Alys is asking couples to repurpose time that they would usually spend together on their phone, into intimacy.

These days, in our busy lives, it’s difficult to find quality time to spend with your partner,” Alys explains. “To make things worse, when we do spend time with our loved ones, we’re often distracted by social media, email, and other online content. By using their smartphones to engage in intimacy instead, couples can take advantage of technology to improve their partnered wellbeing.

Little Riot founder, Joanna Montgomery adds, “Human connection is the most powerful thing we have. Technology should connect us – not distract us.”

Desire App co-founder Marta Plaza believes that we have to “redefine our relationship with technology. Technology is a powerful tool that well-used allows couples to have so much fun, to enjoy their intimacy and to discover emotions together.

Three Women-Led Startups Help Couples ReconnectThree Women-Led Startups Help Couples Reconnect

All three startups were founded on the vision of helping couples reconnect.

MysteryVibe’s Crescendo is the world’s first body-adaptable, smart vibrator. Crescendo is infinitely flexible and can be bent to adapt to any body shape. Crescendo vibrator can also be controlled remotely via your phone so you can find new ways of playing and building up the anticipation in the bedroom. Its human-centric design has won numerous awards including CLIO, Red Dot, IF Design and Virgin Voom.

Desire is an erotic app for couples that uses gamification to spice up the relationship. We believe that the adult entertainment needs to change to better fit our society. We see romance and intimacy in a new way: smart, fun, with gender equality and fueled by true love.

Little Riot’s flagship product, Pillow Talk, lets you feel close to your partner when you can’t be physically with them – for example if you’re in a long-distance relationship, or your partner is away on business. A wristband sends your realtime heartbeat to your partner, where a small orb plays the sound and sensation of your heartbeat.

To help bring awareness to the issue, all three companies will be giving away a number of products for free. To enter, go to and sign up. The competition runs till Sunday March 11th 2018.

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