What Is ASMR Sex And Why Does It Make Me Horny

Ever wonder why does ASMR make me horny? Dive into what ASMR sex is and how to try it.

Published Sep 28 2020 3 min read

ASMR is also known as ‘brain tingles’, ‘brain orgasm’, and even ‘whisper porn’, due to the feelings of relaxation and contentment not dissimilar to the feelings experienced after orgasm. ASMR for most is not sexual- yet those pleasurable, relaxing sensations can certainly help get you into the mood, and so the term ASMR sex comes in.


What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response - put simply that tingly, euphoric feeling that is triggered by certain audio-visual material. It begins at the scalp and moves down the body, usually described by those who experience it as a state of complete relaxation. However, just like an orgasm, the intensity, tingles, and sensations vary from person to person. What triggers a positive response in one person, can have no effect on another.
ASMR became an internet sensation through YouTube, with thousands upon thousands of videos designed to stimulate your brain and evoke a response. By listening to videos or playlists on Youtube and Spotify you can discover whether you experience ASMR. Videos such as this can help you identify whether you are susceptible to ASMR and what your triggers could be.

Keep in mind that not everyone has the pleasure of experiencing those spine-tingling sensations.

The most popular include triggers include:

  • Whispering
  • Tapping
  • Crinkling
  • Blowing
  • Typing
  • Writing
  • Role Play (putting yourself in situational relaxation)


Why is ASMR pleasurable?

Research proving ASMR exists is limited, however, it’s undeniable that many people experience similar feelings over certain sounds. In this study, ASMR was found to slow the heart rate down, and have reliable therapeutic benefits for mental and physical health, due to its relaxing nature.

As discussed in the Origin Theory of ASMR, it’s theorized that ASMR causes these happy chemicals to be released, which are responsible for a range of sensations and feelings associated with ASMR.

  • Endorphins

Responsible for the tingles - partially responsible for comfort, relaxation, and sleepiness

  • Oxytocin

Responsible for increased comfort, relaxation, and decreased stress - partially responsible for the tingling sensation

  • Dopamine

Responsible for the desire to experience ASMR repeatedly

  • Serotonin

Responsible for increased comfort, relaxation, mood elevation


How can ASMR be incorporated into sex?

Adding ASMR into the bedroom is a great way to relax and increase intimacy with your partner. Involving soft, gentle touches and noises in the bedroom is quite common, so the principles of ASMR naturally translate to the bedroom. Here are some ways you can try out ASMR sex.

  • Whisper

Having someone whisper into your ear, feeling their breath down your neck can cause those spine-tingling sensations. Why not try whispering your desires? What you’re going to do to them or would like them to do to you? This can build sexual tension, and get you both in the mood.

  • Physical touch

ASMR doesn’t have to just be audio-based, physical touch can also produce the same pleasurable, relaxing feeling. Use your fingers or an object (feather, silk) to gently trace along your partner’s skin and watch goosebumps come to life all over their body. 

  • Play erotic ASMR

Despite the origins of ASMR not being sexual, some kind souls have taken it upon themselves to create tracks of erotic ASMR sounds, leaning heavily on gentle moans and heavy breathing. Explore ASMR erotica through videos such as those created by asmr-tist Amy, who provides sexual, sensual rated ASMR here. Listen to these in the background together, and imagine all your fantasies coming to life.


Play around with ASMR sex, explore and discover your triggers and heighten those feelings of pleasure. When incorporating ASMR into the bedroom it’s important to understand that your trigger may not be the same as your partners. Discuss them, tweak them a little, and allow both of you to have a sensual, pleasurable experience.

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