What Is Facesitting? 5 Tips For Practicing Safely

Published Jul 24 2023 5 min read

Facesitting is a form of oral sex involving one partner sitting or straddling the other's face. The act of facesitting provides intimate access to the recipient's genitalia, allowing for intense stimulation and arousal. As a popular and thrilling practice among couples, it offers a unique dynamic characterized by trust, communication, and deliciously sensual exploration.  

Facesitting—often interchanged with terms like "queening" or "smothering"—holds immense appeal for many, partly due to its deep-rooted power dynamics. The partner on top assumes a dominant position, while the one beneath takes on a submissive role, creating an erotically charged atmosphere ripe for exploration. This unique power interplay and the opportunity for unparalleled oral stimulation lend facesitting its enduring allure. 

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of facesitting and present 5 essential tips for practicing it safely and enjoyably with your partner. 

The appeal of facesitting  

While facesitting may at first glance appear to be a niche activity, there are many reasons why it has gained popularity and become a much-enjoyed practice for couples worldwide. At its core, facesitting heightens the excitement and attraction between partners through a unique fusion of power dynamics and intense pleasure. 

  • Power dynamics: The element of dominance and submission inherent in facesitting adds an intoxicating dimension to the experience. As one person assumes the dominant role, they assert control over the situation, which can feel invigorating and empowering. Meanwhile, the receiver submits to their partner's desires, embracing a more passive role that can amplify trust and intimacy.  
  • Intimate connection: Beyond the power play, facesitting focuses squarely on pleasure—specifically, the art of cunnilingus or fellatio. By settling into this intimate activity, both partners can revel in the sensations, deepening their connection and enjoying a unique opportunity for arousal. 
  • Exploration of new sensations: Facesitting offers a fresh perspective on traditional oral sex, as the angle and weight of the partner on top can help deliver novel and thrilling stimulation. For many, the feeling of their partner's gentials against their face enhances their sexual pleasure, setting the stage for a memorable experience.  
  • Variety and intrigue: Many couples find merit in exploring new and diverse sexual activities to keep the flames of passion burning. Facesitting serves as one such means of expanding and enriching one's erotic repertoire, offering new avenues for excitement while keeping the element of surprise alive.  

5 essential tips for safe facesitting 

While facesitting can be a stimulating and rewarding aspect of your sex life, several practical considerations must be considered to ensure that both partners feel comfortable and safe. Adhering to the following guidelines can maximize your pleasure while caring for one another's needs.  

1. Know your boundaries

Before delving into facesitting, it's crucial to have an open conversation about your individual preferences, limitations, and expectations. Establishing clear boundaries and respecting each other's comfort levels will set the foundation for a satisfying experience. 

2. Pay attention to hygiene

Practicing proper hygiene is important for maintaining a healthy intimate life and helps create an inviting environment for facesitting. Ensure both partners are clean and well-groomed, if that’s your preference, before facesitting.

3. Use pillows for support

To mitigate any risk of discomfort, consider placing pillows beneath the knees of partner on top or under the head of the partner beneath for added support. Try experimenting with different positions and angles to find what works best and remains most comfortable for both of you. 

4. Mind your breathing

For the partner on the bottom, paying attention to your breath is essential. At any point, should you feel short of breath or uncomfortable with the pressure, communicate instantly with your partner and take a break if necessary. 

5. Take it slow and communicate

As with any sexual activity, it's essential to remain patient, attentive, and communicative throughout the session. Check in with one another frequently to ensure that both of you are comfortable and enjoying the experience.  

Communication and consent in facesitting  

The foundation of any successful sexual encounter is built on clear communication, consent, and trust. This is especially true for activities like facesitting, where partners can feel vulnerable or exposed.  

Prior to any facesitting session, make it a point to have a frank discussion about your individual preferences or concerns. Check in with your partner periodically during the act to gauge their comfort levels, and be prepared to make adjustments as needed. 

Remember that sexual exploration should always prioritize mutual respect and consent. By fostering open and honest communication, you can create an environment that allows you both to feel comfortable, supported, and ultimately satisfied. 


Facesitting, a unique and captivating aspect of many couples' sex lives, offers a compelling combination of power dynamics, intimate connection, and fresh experiences. As you endeavor to explore this sensual world together, ensure that you remain committed to open communication, consent, and trust—ultimately laying the groundwork for a fulfilling and pleasurable sexual adventure. Whether new to facesitting or looking to enrich your experiences further, embracing these guidelines and principles can help foster a rewarding and supportive environment for you and your partner.  

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