What Is OPP In Polyamorous Relationships?

The principle behind OPP is that the man in the relationship does not want his female partner to be intimately involved with other men. Continue reading!

Published Aug 17 2023 3 min read

One Penis Policy, commonly referred to as OPP, is a term often used within the polyamorous community to describe a specific relationship structure. In an OPP arrangement, a heterosexual couple – typically a man and a woman – engage in romantic or sexual relationships with other women while maintaining a committed partnership with each other. The principle behind OPP is that the man in the relationship does not want his female partner to be intimately involved with other men.  

While some may find comfort in adhering to an OPP relationship, others argue that this policy is inherently problematic, potentially perpetuating sexism and stifling genuine exploration of alternative relationship structures.   

OPP in the context of polyamorous relationships  

OPP in polyamorous relationships stems from the desire to set boundaries and guidelines while engaging in intimate relationships with multiple partners. Each relationship may have its unique set of rules, ensuring that all parties involved feel comfortable and respected. While OPP may work for some couples, it is crucial to understand that the formation of such a policy may inherently involve power imbalances and biases.  

Opponents of the OPP argue that this arrangement enforces a double standard, allowing men greater sexual freedom compared to their female partners. The issue of consent and the freedom to form connections with whomever they genuinely desire is important to address within the context of polyamorous relationships. To ensure a healthy and fulfilling experience, communication, trust, and equitable agreements must be at the forefront of these unconventional connections.  

As with any relationship, communication, consent, and respect are essential components of a successful polyamorous partnership. When considering OPP, it is critical to have open and honest discussions with all parties involved, clearly outlining each individual's feelings, expectations, and boundaries. Each partner should be given ample opportunity to express their feelings, desires, and concerns surrounding the policy. It is pivotal to ensure that both partners consent to the OPP willingly, without feeling coerced or pressured into complying with a structure that doesn't align with their values or desires. 

When opposing views collide: Navigating relationship challenges  

Like any relationship, polyamorous partnerships with OPP may face challenges and conflict, be it due to jealousy, boundary-crossing, or differing opinions about the arrangement's fairness. When navigating these emotionally heavy situations, it is important to remain open to your partner(s)' feelings and foster empathy and understanding. 

Revisiting and reassessing the OPP arrangement may allow for more honest discussions about the feelings and desires of all individuals involved. Allowing for growth, change, and the evolution of the relationship structure itself may help in fostering healthier dynamics in the long run.  


The world of polyamorous relationships offers new experiences, open communication, and deep connections across multiple partners. Within this realm, the concept of a One Penis Policy can be a controversial subject, raising essential questions surrounding equality, consent, and the parameters of alternative relationships. However, OPP may be an arrangement that many couples are fine with, and that’s okay too.   

Understanding the meaning and implications of OPP helps individuals navigate the polyamorous landscape with clarity and empathy. It is essential to maintain open communication, trust, and consent when exploring these relationship dynamics, ensuring that all parties feel respected, valued, and empowered to express their desires and boundaries. 

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