What Is Sex Aftercare And Why It Matters For Satisfying Sex

What is sexual aftercare? Hint: It’s not just for people who practice BDSM. Learn why sexual aftercare is important for every relationship and ways to ask for the aftercare you need.

Published Dec 07 2023 8 min read

If you're looking to create a stronger connection with your partner, both emotional and physical, then you may want to consider sexual aftercare. An aspect of sex that often gets overlooked, sexual aftercare is just as important as foreplay to having a pleasurable sexual experience. Sex aftercare is not just a passing trend or something only people who practice BDSM need, but a crucial part of taking care of our physical, emotional, and mental well-being after being intimate. Whether you're enjoying some alone time or sharing passion with your partner, knowing what sex aftercare is can significantly enrich your sexual wellness journey.

What is aftercare after sex?

Sexual aftercare is the process of taking care of each other's physical, emotional, and psychological needs after intimacy. It's a dedicated time after sex to cultivate a safe space and further connection with yourself or your partner. Sexual aftercare can involve any number of things, such as providing reassurance, mitigating insecurities, giving feedback, addressing concerns, cuddling, or simply showering together and exchanging silly banter. Aftercare after sex is all about personalizing the experience, nurturing each other, and supporting you and your partner's unique needs, whether in a serious relationship or sharing a casual encounter.

Sex aftercare, a concept that originated in the kink community, was initially used to address any physical or emotional concerns after BDSM scenes or intense experiences and to help further trust, connection, and help partners process. However, it's become recognized as an essential practice for all types of sexual encounters, both vanilla and kinky. So, whether it's vaginal, anal, oral, or BDSM sex, taking care of yourself and your partner afterward can be mutually beneficial in many ways.

Why is aftercare important after sex?

Sexual intimacy goes beyond just physical acts. While foreplay and safe sex practices are important, sexual aftercare is equally important, and serves a few purposes:

1. Enhances emotional connection and well-being

Sex can shake things up, whether intimacy leaves you feeling vulnerable and exposed, or you’ve had bad past experiences or sexual trauma. Aftercare helps foster trust, connection, and maintains the emotional bond between you and your partner, providing a safe space to express any feelings, concerns, or triggers that may have arisen during your time together.

2. Helps with physical recovery

Some sexual activities can be physically demanding, leaving you feeling sore, tired, or even incurring minor injuries. Aftercare is the time where you and your partner can address physical needs and be supportive of one another, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and cared for.

3. Fosters healthy communication

To establish aftercare, you have to talk to one another, which means being really open and honest about your needs. This communication during aftercare can help ease any anxieties or insecurities that might have surfaced during your sexual encounter. Open communication that addresses individual needs leads to more satisfying and fulfilling experiences where everyone feels heard, seen, and respected.

What happens when there's no aftercare after sex?

While sexual aftercare is extremely beneficial, you won’t spontaneously combust if you don’t practice it. However, your relationship, wellbeing, or that of your partners may suffer if aftercare isn’t included in sex. That’s because sex is a whole cocktail of chemicals, emotions, and physical manifestations. Sexual activity stimulates the production of hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, oxytocin, and dopamine, which provide pleasure and support partner bonding.

Basically, there’s a lot of stimulation going on when you have sex. And just as the hormones increase during sexual activity, they decrease after activity, leaving many people with conflicting or heavy emotions known as post-coital dysphoria (PCD). Some people feel PCD very acutely, and some barely register anything but post-coital bliss, but each experience can be different from the last.

Aftercare after sex acts like a buffer, helping your body and mind adjust as the chemical surge fades, easing the effects of PCD. Engaging in aftercare isn't just some post-sex ritual; it connects the intimate world with your everyday life, making it easier to get back to your usual routine.

Some people, like those who are neurodivergent, have ADHD, autism, or are trauma survivors, can benefit immensely from aftercare. Their brain chemistry or past experiences may make them more prone to feeling vulnerable or leave them feeling overstimulated and sensitive. Aftercare after sex takes into consideration your partner’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and that display of humanity is sexy.

Aftercare in relationships

The importance of aftercare in relationships is universal, regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status. Whether you're straight, LGBTQ+, or anything in between, everyone can benefit from it. And aftercare isn't only for couples; it's also beneficial for casual flings and long-distance partners too. 

Aftercare in any relationship is about showing mutual respect, consideration, and genuine care for one another. For casual encounters, it shows that you acknowledge that the person you’re involved with is a human being with hopes and dreams beyond being a sexual being.

In a long-term relationship, it demonstrates a commitment to your partner's comfort and well-being, nurturing that trust and intimacy outside the bedroom. Aftercare is essential, creating a space to connect, offer comfort, and ensure safety. It can take many forms, like sharing a shower, having a heartfelt chat, or snuggling in silence. 

In a consensual BDSM relationship, aftercare is extremely important due to the intense psychological and physical nature of certain BDSM activities like impact play, humiliation, or bondage. BDSM aftercare can look similiar to aftercare in other types of vanilla and non-kinky relationships such as cuddling, reassuring one another, or something that caters to BDSM specific activities like massaging bound areas. 

Aftercare in sex shouldn't be an afterthought but rather an essential part of the journey that enhances satisfaction and well-being for both partners. It's all about addressing and nurturing the emotional aftermath of intimacy, even in non-committed relationships.

How to ask for sexual aftercare

Open communication is essential in any healthy relationship, especially regarding intimate elements like aftercare. It might feel awkward to talk about sexual needs, but it is crucial to make sure both partners feel safe, respected, and loved. By expressing your needs and setting clear boundaries, you not only build trust and intimacy but also understand each other better. Here are some tips for effective aftercare communication:

1. Choose the right moment

It is best to have the aftercare conversation before engaging in sexual activities, as it allows both partners to understand each other's needs and expectations. Find a time when both of you are relaxed and open to discussion.

2. Be honest and clear

Express your desires and needs in a straightforward manner. Explain what specific actions or words make you feel cared for and nurtured after sex. For example, you could say, "I love it when we have a nice chat after being intimate." If you know specifically what aftercare requests you have, directly communicate those and see if your partner is able and willing to fulfill them.

3. Use "I" statements

Sex can be a delicate topic for some people and couples, so it’s best to take ownership of your needs with your words using “I” statements. This approach promotes understanding without accusation. Instead of saying, "You never cuddle me after sex, you always go straight for the shower," try saying, "I would love it if we could spend time cuddling and kissing after sex before jumping into the shower."

4. Listen actively and compromise

Remember, communication goes both ways. Be open to hearing your partner's needs and preferences and working together to find solutions that satisfy both parties. You could have wildly different aftercare needs from your partner, so finding a compromise or balance could take some time and practice.

5. Encourage feedback

After each sexual experience, check in with your partner to see if their aftercare needs were met and if any adjustments are necessary. And vice versa – communicate with your partner about things that you may need that you didn’t consider or want done differently. This will help you both grow and learn together.

6. Provide non-verbal aftercare gestures

Sometimes, actions can speak louder than words. Cuddling wordlessly with your partner or wrapping your partner in a cozy blanket can be a sweet way to show your commitment to their needs after sex. These gestures can complement verbal communication and emphasize how important it is to nurture each other after being intimate.


Understanding sexual aftercare is super important for all aspects of sexual health, wellbeing, and intimacy. Aftercare involves physical, emotional, and nurturing care after intimacy, which shows understanding, care, and affection from one human being to another. It promotes safety, respect, and connection between partners. It's important to openly communicate aftercare needs, create a nurturing environment, and regularly check in with your partner.

Remember, everyone's aftercare preferences may be different, so being adaptable and knowing how to strike a balance are key to a fulfilling experience. Aftercare is more than just a post-sex ritual; it encompasses emotional and physical care, making a positive impact on how we treat each other after intimacy. Incorporating sexual aftercare into your love life can be fun and easy with the right sex aftercare ideas and tips

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Frequently asked questions

What is aftercare with a partner after sex?

Aftercare can involve any number of activities or behaviors like cuddling, chatting, eating together, or showering. These personal post-sex rituals are all about strengthening the emotional bond in each partnership, and understanding they will be different for everyone and every couple. So, it's important to have a conversation with your partner and understand their individual needs.

How do I treat my boyfriend after sex?

When in doubt, it’s best to ask your boyfriend directly what they might prefer after sex. After getting intimate, your boyfriend may want some affection with cuddling, or words of affirmation, or simply holding hands in silence. To strengthen your emotional bond, it's important to communicate and ask about his aftercare preferences, being mindful of his needs, and try to be as supportive as you can.

What is aftercare in sex psychology?

Aftercare in sex psychology involves purposeful actions taken after intimacy to strengthen emotional connection and well-being. This can include cuddling, chatting, and providing physical and emotional nourishment tailored to each partner's needs and preferences.

Do men need aftercare after sex?

Yes, men can benefit from aftercare after sex too. Gendering aftercare leads to miscommunications, confusion, and perpetuates sexist ideas. Every person has a different set of needs and desires, and those needs aren’t solely determined by their biological sex or gender. It's not just about physical satisfaction, but about feeling emotionally seen and taken care of, something that men can benefit from just as much as any human. A gentle touch, comforting words, or even a warm smile can all help build a stronger connection and show mutual respect.

What is the best aftercare for women?

Every person will have different sexual aftercare needs, so generalizing and assuming the needs of all women can be problematic and perpetuate sexist ideas. The best way to find out the best aftercare for your partner is to ask. Aftercare emphasizes the importance of taking care of each other's individual needs after sexual encounters. And like intimacy, aftercare is a unique experience for each person.

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