5 Ways To Enhance The Male Orgasm

There are many different ways for men to achieve orgasm, either alone or with a partner. Not every orgasm, however, is created equal. Are you looking for strategies that will help enhance the male orgasm? Experiment with some of these tactics.

Published Sep 10 2020 6 min read

There are many different ways for men to achieve orgasm, either alone or with a partner. Not every orgasm, however, is created equal. Are you looking for strategies that will help enhance the male orgasm? Experiment with some of these tactics. Some of them, you can use alone. Others, you'll need a partner in order to help you make the most of them. Over time, you'll learn which techniques are the most effective for you, which means that you can enjoy more intense, mind-blowing orgasms. 

1. Get close, then back away from the orgasm.

foreplay to enhance male orgasm

You know the signs that you're getting close to orgasm. You can feel that pressure building. If you're watching your partner, you can probably note some of the signs that he's getting close: he's breathing harder, his muscles tensing. His eyes might close. He might become more focused or start moving faster. 

If you want a more intense orgasm, however, this isn't the time to start moving faster and then push to completion--at least, not the first time. Instead, wait until you can feel those familiar signs starting (or see them starting to build in your partner.) Then, back off for a minute. When you resume, you'll notice that you need a little time to move close to orgasm again.

Each time you get close without pushing yourself (or your partner) all the way over, it adds to the intensity of the final orgasm. 

2. Stimulate the prostate.

Chances are, you're familiar with most male erogenous zones, including the penis and the testicles. What you may be missing, however, is the prostate. Some men enjoy having their prostate stimulated through anal penetration. Others, however, prefer for you to stimulate this area externally, through the perineum. Stroking this area prior to or during sex, or applying pressure with the pads of your fingers, can help intensify a man's pleasure and lead to an enhanced orgasm. 

To find it, start with the strip between the anus and the testicles. Stroke that skin gently. About halfway between anus and scrotum, you'll find a softer, fleshier area. Press into this area. If you're the one being stimulated, you may feel a sensation like you need to pee at first. This is the right spot! Continue stimulating this area. It contains multiple nerve endings that can be extremely pleasurable when touched or caressed. Note that the more aroused you are, the easier this area is to find—and the more you'll enjoy it! Many men find, in fact, that they can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone. 

Looking for a great way to get that external stimulation, especially if you want to add it in during sex? Try a vibrator. Tenuto can be positioned to deliver vibration to exactly the right spot on your perineum. 

3. Do your Kegels.

You may be familiar with Kegel exercises as something that women use to tighten vaginal muscles. Not only can they help with bladder problems, many women find that Kegels can help enhance their orgasms. 

Turns out, they can do the same thing for men. 

Practice tightening the muscles of your pelvic floor. You may notice that your penis moves in response. Tighten those muscles for a full five seconds or so, then release. It will take some time to build up those muscles, but you'll find that, as you do, it can substantially enhance your sexual pleasure. Tighten and release those muscles during sex and notice how it impacts your overall level of sexual pleasure. 

One added bonus of male Kegels: when you practice this method, you can learn to experience multiple orgasms. The goal is to separate the feeling of orgasm from ejaculation. By tightening your pelvic floor muscles, you can experience orgasm without ejaculation, which will allow you to continue enjoying sexual stimulation even following a relatively intense orgasm. 

4. Introduce vibration.

Vibration around the perineum through Tenuto is one great way to add vibration to your sex session, enhancing your pleasure and, ultimately, your orgasm, but it's not just stimulation of the perineum that will help bring on enhanced orgasms. You may also want, for example, to try laying Crescendo along your shaft to deliver pleasurable vibrations while stimulating yourself.

You can use Crescendo or Poco for stimulation on the outside of the anus, though you should not penetrate yourself with either, since they don't have the flared design necessary to do this safely and correctly. Wrap Crescendo around the base of your penis, cupping your shaft and testicles, while you stimulate yourself with your hand, or have your partner give you a hand. 

5. Slow down and enjoy yourself. 

A fast sexual encounter can bring you to orgasm quickly, but it may not deliver the same intensity that you get when you take your time, slow down, and make the effort to be present in the moment. While men may need less emotional connection than women to reach their physical goal of orgasm, if you want an intense orgasm, try slowing things down.

If you're using a vibrator, start with your settings low, then gently and gradually increase them as you move closer to orgasm. If you're touching yourself or your partner is touching you, you may want to start with slow, gentle strokes, then gradually move into more intense stimulation. By slowing things down, you can really take the time to fully enjoy each sensation, which can lead to more pleasure when you eventually reach orgasm.

Encourage your partner to stroke, touch, and caress throughout foreplay. Let yourself enjoy the different sensations as your partner explores your body. You may want to start with a sensual massage instead of jumping straight into direct genital contact. Let your arousal build steadily and enjoy it, rather than pushing yourself to orgasm quickly. Do not rush forward to the next stage. There are distinct feelings as you approach orgasm, during orgasm, and as you relax after it's over. Let yourself focus on each one. 

There are many ways to enhance the male orgasm. The MysteryVibe line can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can help enhance your orgasm, bringing you more sexual pleasure than ever before.

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