Best Sex Positions When You Have Endometriosis

As endometriosis is an individualized condition, which positions are considered best will vary person-to-person but generally sex positions that involve shallow penetration are most comfortable.

Published Mar 12 2021 5 min read

Just because you have endometriosis doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to penetrative sex. One of the most common symptoms of endometriosis is pain during sex, which leads people to avoid intimacy altogether. However, there are ways to minimize this pain and make sex enjoyable again through sexual aids and sex positions designed for people with endometriosis. With some creativity in the bedroom, communication and these best sex positions when you have endometriosis, you can get back to enjoying sex!


Best sex positions when you have endometriosis 

As endometriosis is an individualized condition, which positions are considered best will vary person-to-person but generally sex positions that involve shallow penetration are most comfortable. For most women with endometriosis, the uterus is tilted backward causing pain during deep or energetic sex. If you are also having sex with a large penis, there are sexual aids like OhNut that you can utilize, which helps control the depth of penetration. The sex positions outlined below are a guide to what many people with endometriosis have found works for them, but everyone is unique so don’t be disheartened if you need to customize these sex positions to make them work for you. 

1. Spooning Sex

For some women with endometriosis, deep penetration is what makes sex so painful. To have sex while spooning, you need to lay on your side and your partner cuddles up behind you in the same position. Penetration is more shallow in this position, which usually causes less pain and is good for those with endometriosis. Enhance your pleasure further by adding a bendable vibrator like Poco to ensure you’re hitting those high notes. 

2. Face-to-Face Sex

Face-to-face sex such as the missionary position allows you to communicate with your partner better and let them know if the depth and speed are working for you. If this position feels good, you could try to throw one leg over your partner to expose your clitoris and make things a little more pleasurable for you. 

3. Reverse Cowgirl

With this position, you are in total control. Straddle your partner with your back facing towards them as they lie on their back. Because you are on top, you get to set the speed and the rhythm. You also get to decide how deep your partner goes inside of you. You can ease into things at first, then go faster and have deeper penetration when, and if, you feel you can handle it.

To add a little more comfort to this position, you can lean forward, resting your hands beside your partner's legs, which will put the penis at a different position when it is inside of you.

4. Modified Doggie Style Sex

Because of the deep penetration, doggie style is not really a sex position for people with endometriosis. But if you do miss it, there is still a way to get all of the benefits of doggie style without having to endure the pain.

Instead of being on your hands and knees, lie flat on your stomach. Your partner then lies on top of you and enters you from behind. Penetration is much more shallow in this position than it is with traditional doggie style, but the position is also very intimate and pleasurable for you both.

5. Sex In The Shower

Getting hot and steamy in the shower is definitely a fun way to have sex, and you can explore plenty of shower sex positions. For people with endometriosis, it isn't just fun, it can also be very beneficial. Having the hot water run over your body can help relax your muscles and reduce any pain that you may have from the penetration. If standing up doesn't work for you, you can always try the bathtub or Jacuzzi.


Products to relieve pain during sex with endometriosis


Sex with endometriosis: Vibrator for women

Crescendo is a great bendable vibrator for people with endometriosis. Its innovative design allows you to use your hands to bend Crescendo into different shapes, which can help you navigate away from pelvic pain during sex and instead have an enjoyable sexual experience. Not to forget vibration technology helps stimulate more of your nerves, which can lead to the transmission of pleasure rather than pain. Crescendos’ flexible design allows you to manipulate the vibrator into exactly the position you need for maximum effect. Crescendo is also designed for both internal and external stimulation, so if penetration is causing you pain then switch gears and try clitoral stimulation instead. 



Sex with endometriosis: OhNut

The OhNut is another product that can help make sex much more pleasurable. It's a set of soft and comfortable rings that easily slide onto the penis and allows couples to explore comfortable penetration depths during sex. Allowing you to find the perfect depth for you and your partner, you can even use the OhNut on your favorite dildo or vibrator to control the penetration depth, ensuring minimal physical discomfort.



Sex with endometriosis: Vibrator for men

Tenuto is a wearable vibrator for men, which sits around the penis acting as a buffer making it easier to control the depth of penetration. As Tenuto is a vibrating cock-ring that takes the shape of the labia, the vibrations help stimulate their partner's labia, leading to the transmission of pleasure rather than pain. 



Lubrication helps endometriosis pain

To help make sex even more enjoyable, be sure to use plenty of lubrication. Engage in foreplay beforehand to get yourself naturally lubricated and apply lubricant to your partner to ensure that they are able to slip in and out with ease. 


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