Exciting Places To Have Sex

In the spirit of spicing things up and giving you a break from the humdrum of the bedroom, we’re bringing you an intriguing exploration of some exciting places to get it on. 

Published Jul 04 2023 3 min read

Whoever said that the bed is the only place for passionate lovemaking probably never ventured beyond the confines of the bedroom. Sex, like life, thrives on variety, and there are a plethora of exciting places where you can get down and dirty with your partner. 

In the spirit of spicing things up and giving you a break from the humdrum of the bedroom, we’re bringing you an intriguing exploration of some exciting places to get it on. We’re venturing from comfortable couches to the thrilling confines of car interiors, all of which are some great ideas to add to your sex bucket list 

So, if you’re an adventurous soul in search of some novel places to take your sexual exploits, buckle up (pun intended) and read on! 

1. Cozy couches: the unconventional throne

A couch isn't merely a piece of furniture built for lazing around with Netflix and a tub of ice-cream. It's the perfect arena for some spontaneous sexcapades, especially when you're in the middle of a thrilling movie and can't wait for the credits to roll. With the right cushions for support and a throw blanket for quick cover-up, the couch can quickly become your favorite hotspot for some passionate, impromptu lovemaking. 

2. Kitchen counters: culinary sexcapades 

Who knew that a place meant for cooking up delicious meals could also serve as a tantalizing platform for cooking up some steamy moments? Kitchen counters are the perfect height for some standing up action. You might want to clear off the cutlery and dishes first though - safety first, folks! And hey, if things get too hot, the fridge is just an arm's length away for some chilled champagne or strawberries. 

3. The backseat of your car: driven by passion

Remember those teenage years of backseat makeout sessions? Well, who says you can't relive those moments as adults? A car interior offers a thrilling combination of excitement, nostalgia, and the danger of getting caught that can make your encounter wildly exciting. Just make sure you're parked in a legal, private, and safe spot before you shift gears into pleasure mode. 

4. Shower: slippery when wet 

The shower isn't just a place for singing anymore. It's a place for hot, steamy, water-fueled sex. With the warm water cascading over your bodies and the steam fogging up the glass, the shower can be a sensual playground for two. Plus, the clean-up is pretty easy. You can lather, rinse, and repeat to your heart's content. 

5. Balcony: sex with a view

If exhibitionism is your thing, and you have a private balcony (emphasis on private), then this might be your new favorite spot. The thrill of being outside, the cool breeze against your skin, and the spectacular view can make for an exhilarating experience.  

6. Staircase: love on different levels

A staircase can offer a lot of interesting possibilities. There's the risqué thrill of possibly being caught, the different levels allowing for a variety of positions, and the solid support of the stairs themselves. Just make sure to keep it safe and comfortable.  


From the cushy comfort of your couch, the hot encounters in your kitchen, to the adrenaline-rush in your car, there's an array of exciting places to have sex. It's all about thinking outside the box (or the bedroom, in this case) and adding a dash of adventure to keep your love life sizzling. Keep it safe, consensual, and most importantly, fun!  

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