The Ultimate Sex Bucket List

Create your personal sex bucket list from this round-up of 50 different sexual adventures.

Published Dec 23 2022 15 min read

Who doesn't love making a good bucket list? When you think of creating a bucket list, you’re probably thinking about things like bungee jumping or sky diving. But a bucket list doesn't have to be limited to daredevil adventures; it can include anything you want, including new sexual experiences you'd like to try alone or with your partner. Don't know where to start? We've compiled an extensive list of 50 different sexual adventures that you can pick and choose from to help you build your ultimate sex bucket list.  

1. Edge it out

Want to know how to make orgasming even better than it already is?  Delaying your orgasm for as long as you can, aka edging yourself. Edging is a technique that takes you to the brink of orgasm without going over the edge. When you finally do, the build-up of tension makes your orgasm culminate into a massive explosion of pleasure. 

2. Surrender control to your partner

Taking control of your pleasure is excellent but giving control to someone else is an exhilarating experience every couple needs to try at least once. Up the ante and make it a hands free experience by using a remote control vibrator and (quite literally) handing over the control to your partner.   

3. Experiment with tantric sex  

Tantric sex focuses on the connection and intimacy of sex. While the end goal of tantric sex isn't typically orgasms, it can lead to some of the best orgasms you've ever had, and a strong bond with your partner.  

4. Get tied up  

Getting tied up during sex can make for a hot and new kinky experience where you are at the mercy of your partner’s wicked whims.  

Bedroom Bondage

5. Tie your partner up 

If the idea of submission isn’t your cup of tea, how about tying your partner up? Tying your partner up with rope or handcuffing them is an easy and erotic gateway into exploring domination.  

6. Striptease  

Don't you sometimes feel like the clothes come off too quickly when it's time to have sex? You can fix that with a nice slow striptease for your partner, which is guaranteed to put you both in a very steamy mood.  

7. Take their breath away  

We mean this literally - try light choking with your partner to take your orgasms up a notch. Or have them choke you. Establishing safe words and non-verbal cues is essential so you don’t cross any boundaries.   

8. Play footsie  

Take a regular game of footsie up a notch in bed by using your feet to pleasure your partner. Giving a footjob instead of a handjob is a great way to introduce foot play in the bedroom.  

9. Say cheese! 

Take nude pictures to remind yourself just how sexy you are, or send them to a partner to start steamy foreplay sexting.   

10. Record yourself 

Set up a camera and make a video of you masturbating or having sex with your partner. Performing for the camera can make you feel like a glamorous, seductive movie star, and arouse you in the process. Watch these sexy videos for erotic inspiration too.   

11. Masturbate without porn  

It’s possible to become dependent on porn for stimulation without realizing it. Masturbating without porn frees your mind and allows you to tap into your deepest sexual fantasies to get off. When you are left to fantasize, you may even learn about desires you didn’t know you had.  

12. Eat off each other, literally  

Food play, also known as sploshing, is fun, messy, and easy to execute for anyone who wants to add this delicious indulgence to their bucket list. Bring food you both love and eat them off each other's bodies during foreplay. Think chocolate syrup dripping down your lover’s back, just waiting to be lapped up, or sitting on a cake and letting your partner clean the mess – with their tongue.  

Try Roleplaying

13. Practice your acting skills  

Roleplay is even better when you are committed to your role. Practice your acting skills and create a character (or characters) that requires real imagination. Assuming a personality or alter ego can also be incredibly liberating if you’re shy about expressing your desires. Don't stress if you break out of character, remember, the end goal is to have fun. 

14. No sounds allowed  

Moaning and hearing your partner moan can be a massive turn-on. Resisting the urge to moan and having your partner do the same can also be quite a turn-on. You can make a game out of it, the first person to make a peep loses.  

15. Raise the roof  

If you've tried out your sexy version of ‘no sounds allowed’, it's time to try and let your vocal cords ripple the walls and raise the roof. Be as loud and boisterous as possible during sex, but try not to wake up the neighbors. 

16. Everywhere but the bedroom  

Have sex in every part of your house or apartment except the bedroom for a whole day. No room is off-limits from the bathroom to the kitchen. The tighter the space, the more creative you'll have to be with sex positions. 

17. Try couples’ sex toys 

Couples' sex toys are a fun way to discover new sexual adventures together. Using sex toys can really dial up the heat and introduce new sensations, breaking up the monotony of your sexual routine. 

18. Stay vertical the whole time 

From foreplay to sex, try having a whole round of sex while entirely vertical. You can prop yourselves against a door or a wall, and the only rule is no sitting, lying down, or any horizontal configuration.   

19. Hold out for a mutual orgasm 

Having a mutual orgasm with your partner can be an incredibly intimate and bonding sexual experience. If either of you is close to the edge, communicate it until you are both ready to orgasm and enjoy the ripple effect of a couple climax.

20. Shop for sex toys together  

Shop for sex toys that you can either use together or alone. While you are at it remember to pick out sex toys you might not typically buy like a vibrating cock ring or anal plugs. 

Have Sex In A Car

21. Have sex in a car 

Having sex in a car will have you feeling like naughty, rebellious teenagers all over again. The thrill of someone seeing or getting caught can heighten the attraction of this activity.   

22. Watch VR porn  

If you like watching porn, then you have to try out virtual reality porn. The immersive experience will undoubtedly intensify your orgasm, elevating it from 2D to 3D. 

23. Get the blindfolds out  

Blindfolding yourself or your partner during sex and not knowing their next move leaves your body constantly yearning. The sensory deprivation gets the adrenaline pumping for an extra intense sexual experience.  

Indulge in sensory deprivation  

If you don't like blindfolds, try removing one of your other senses from the equation. It could be your sense of touch by using handcuffs or your sense of taste by not using your mouth at all during sex. When you remove one sense, the others intensify. 

25. Have wet sex in the shower 

How fun will it be to recreate that one scene in almost every romantic comedy where the couple has wet shower sex? It’s definitely an experience, for better or for worse.  

26. Get even more soaking wet  

Get soaking wet from getting it on... in the pool. Water can wash away natural lubrication and cause friction, so remember to use lots of silicone-based lube.   

27. Write your own erotica 

Take the art of sexting up a notch by writing your own erotica. If you don't have a partner, write it for yourself! Not only will it turn you on as you write, but it'll also come in handy the next time you find yourself bored with porn. If you have a partner, write about your deepest sexual fantasy or even a sexual experience between you and your partner that was really memorable.  

28. Have virtual sex  

Virtual sex could be sexting, phone sex, or having sex on a video call. While virtual sex might only seem necessary for long distance couples, it could also be a fun date night activity for couples who don't live together or have different work schedules.  

Ice Cubes For Temperature Play

29. Ice each other out  

We don't mean give your partner the cold shoulder. Get some ice cubes and get to work with temperature play. Try rubbing the ice cubes on each other's erogenous zones. The ice-cold cubes on warm skin create a delightful sensation, especially if you follow it up with a warm hand or tongue. 

30. Heat it up with some hot wax  

If ice play is a little too cold for you, why don't you heat it up with some hot wax? With your partner's consent, safely drip hot wax onto them or have them drip it onto you during sex. The sensations the wax provokes can be highly erotic.

31. Curate a sex playlist  

Make a list of songs that get you in the mood and put them into a playlist. Have the playlist on the next time you are having sex or during solo play to really get into the groove. 

32. Keep your clothes on 

Step one for most people when having sex is tearing each other's clothes off. Switch things up and keep your clothes on during sex. It's ideal for a quickie and the added challenge of clothing will force you to get creative and resourceful. 

33. Skip out on penetrative sex  

If you and your partner regularly have penetrative sex, skip out on it occasionally. Focus on getting each other off in other ways, such as mutual masturbation, oral sex, fingering, or hand jobs.  

34. Wear sexy lingerie and underwear  

Buying lingerie or sexy underwear is a great way to put yourself in the mood. It also puts your partner in the mood if they are visually inclined (which most men are).

35. Give each other sensual massages 

Give each other a long and sensual massage with loads of massage oil. By the time you are done, you'll either be relaxed and ready to cuddle, or ready to get it on.

Body Paint Sex

36. Create a work of art with your bodies  

Ever wonder what your sex would look like if it were art? Well now you can! Get out the body paint and express yourselves by having sex on a blank canvas.  You can frame your joint artwork afterward for keepsakes or make it a hobby. 

37. Have sex in a public place  

Having sex in a public space, like a park or parking lot, can ignite the little exhibitionist in you. Make sure to have a robe or blanket nearby in case you need to conceal your mischief quickly.   

38. Watch each other masturbate  

Watching your partner get themselves off can be an incredible turn-on. Letting your partner watch you masturbate can make you feel vulnerable, but it can also lead to closer, more intimate connections. It's also a great opportunity to learn what techniques, pressures, and sensations your partner enjoys.  

39. Try out new sex positions  

Make a list of sex positions you've never tried, but always wanted to, or if you’re more adventurous, include the ones you haven’t been keen on trying (after all, this is a bucket list). If you need inspiration for new positions, there are tons of sources, like the Kama Sutra or MysteryVibe’s Playcards

40. Get your butts in on the action  

Both men and women often underrate anal sex. When done safely and correctly, anal sex can seriously elevate orgasms and overall experience.   

41. Play erotic games  

Using sex dice, the MysteryVibe Playcards, or playing naked twister can get you hot and heavy before you even enter the bedroom. There are many sex games for couples available. You can also explore the app store on your phone for many mobile sex game options.  

42. Have a threesome  

Introduce a third party into your sex life with a threesome. It's a daring sexual adventure to have with a partner you feel safe and secure with.   

43. Devote an entire day to sex  

For a whole day, you and your partner are on a mission to continuously pleasure each other.  Water and food breaks are allowed. You don't have to wear each out by having sex the whole time. You can also cuddle and spend extra time on foreplay and aftercare. 

44. Have a quickie  

Scheduling a quickie in the middle of a busy day is a must-do for every couple. The briskness of the whole experience will leave you wanting more. It also sets the tone for a more prolonged, more satisfying sexual encounter later in the day.

45. Talk dirty  

Dirty talk leading up to sex and during sex can be a massive turn-on, depending on what you like. Some people want to talk dirty, while others prefer dirty talk aimed their way. Play around to find what you are comfortable with. 

Practice BDSM

46. Practice the D&S in BDSM 

The 'D' and 'S' in BDSM stand for dominance and submission. Try out different dominant and submissive dynamics until you find out what works for you and your partner.  

Nipple play only  

The nipple is one of the most sensitive body parts in both men and women. Focusing on nipple stimulation can result in nipple orgasms, and what's better than discovering even more ways to orgasm.  

48. Have sex with a cock ring on  

A cock ring is a fun sex toy that can enhance your orgasm and even make sex last longer. If you already use cock rings, why don't you try a vibrating cock ring for a twist?  

49. Sign up for a sex class   

You’re never too old to learn new pleasure techniques. Taking a sex class can give you fantastic insight into your sex life. It can help you discover new ways to please yourself or a partner and fun ways to have better sex. 

50. Attend a swinger's party

Not only will you have a sexual adventure at a swinger's party, but you get to indulge, guilt-free, in sexual diversification with your partner. For those who love their partners, but struggle with the exclusiveness of monogamy, this is a great option to have your cake and eat it too (proverbially speaking). 


By the time you’ve gotten to the bottom of this sex bucket list, you’ll be a Bonafide sex expert, or at the very least you would have learned a great deal about yourself, your partner, and had a few amazing adventures.  

Have better sex