11 Reasons To Let Your Partner Watch You Masturbate

Masturbating in front of your partner can also have a lot of advantages. Consider these reasons to let your partner watch you masturbate as part of your ongoing sex life. 

Published Jul 30 2020 7 min read

Masturbation: traditionally, it's a solo game. You have the opportunity to explore your own body, learn more about what turns you on, and enjoy exactly the type of touch that brings you pleasure. 

In reality, however, masturbating in front of your partner can also have a lot of advantages. Consider these reasons to let your partner watch you masturbate as part of your ongoing sex life. 

1. Your partner can use the opportunity to learn exactly what you like.

When you masturbate, you touch, tantalize, and tease yourself exactly the way you like. Your partner may already be fantastic at finding the places where you enjoy being touched most. In fact, your partner might be able to bring you the pleasure that you can't bring to yourself.

At the same time, when you touch yourself, you engage in exactly what you like most. Your partner can get new ideas from that or learn more about how to turn you on and please you. Whether you're using your favorite vibrator (Crescendo or Tenuto, anyone?) or simply using your hands and a little lube, your partner can see exactly what you do to yourself, then adapt those ideas to bring you more pleasure when you're in bed together. 

Not only that, but your partner may also take note of what you don't do and how it impacts the way you touch yourself. What do you not enjoy? Where do your hands tend not to wander? Do you prefer a slower, gentler touch, or do you go straight to the hard and fast approach when you touch yourself? Your partner can learn a lot from watching you masturbate, especially when you do it on a regular basis. 

2. Masturbation is a great way to improve sexual satisfaction when one of you is turned on and the other isn't.

Let's face it: sometimes, your partner simply isn't in the mood when you are. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to shove down your sexual desires or sneak away to be alone so that you can indulge. Instead, consider masturbating in front of your partner. When you're in a relationship, you shouldn't feel embarrassed about your sexual urges. Allowing your partner to watch you masturbate is a great way to deepen your sensual connection, even if your partner isn't currently turned on. In many cases, simply watching you touch yourself can be enough to help turn your partner on and increase the odds that they'll join you!

3. Letting your partner watch you masturbate can be an incredible turn-on for you.

You may discover that you love watching your partner grow more and more aroused as you continue to touch yourself. You may just like having them there with you, letting it enhance your enjoyment of the moment. Many people find that they love it when their partner watches them masturbate, increasing their pleasure. Having your partner lying alongside you, especially naked, can also help increase your arousal which, in turn, will help enhance that sensual pleasure. In many cases, you may find that you reach orgasm more quickly with your partner beside you. Or, you may drag things out and enjoy yourself even longer when you know your partner is watching.

4. Your partner may quickly become very aroused watching you masturbate.

passionate couple watch her masturbate

Usually, when you come together for sex, your partner's hands are all over you, and your hands are all over them. When you're masturbating, however, you may not invite your partner to participate. This can be incredibly freeing for your partner, who can simply sit back, watch, and see what you enjoy most. Your partner might also naturally find it arousing to simply watch you touch yourself. There's something incredibly sexy about a partner who is confident enough to let go and masturbate all the way to orgasm in front of you! Whether you finish yourself or allow your partner to step in and join you, it can lead to amazing sex for both of you. 

5. Masturbation can ramp up the intimacy in your relationship.

Masturbation doesn't seem, on the surface, as though it would be more intimate than sex, but in many cases, it is.

Masturbation is something that you usually do alone. Even if you touch yourself while you're engaging in sex, it's part of a greater sexual act. When you invite your partner to watch you masturbate, on the other hand, you're inviting your partner to join you in something that you normally only do by yourself, in a way that you don't usually interact with your partner. You make yourself vulnerable in front of your partner when you masturbate in front of them. This, in turn, can ramp up the intimacy already present in your relationship, making you feel more comfortable with one another than ever before.

6. Masturbation can improve your sex life. 

Masturbation can improve your sex life in several key ways. First and foremost, the more often you engage in sexual activity, the more often you're likely to want to engage in sex. Secondly, masturbation can help you and your partner both get a better idea of what you like, which means you can ramp up your pleasure when you get into bed together. Just as importantly, however, masturbation can help turn you both on and enhance your sexual connection, which can lead to better sex in the future.

Masturbation can also help take the stress out of sex: when you're comfortable masturbating in front of one another, it doesn't matter if one of you is interested, while the other is tired or doesn't want to engage in sex. You can still enjoy that great sensual connection without feeling as though both of you have to be aroused every time you want to enjoy that connection. 

7. It's a better guarantee that you'll reach orgasm.

orgasm concept

For women, in particular, orgasm through intercourse alone can prove difficult. Masturbation, however, increases the odds that you'll reach orgasm. You know exactly how you like to touch yourself and how you can use those techniques to reach orgasm, which, in turn, can increase your pleasure. Some people may struggle more to reach orgasm with someone watching at first, but as you become more comfortable with it, you'll find that you're better able to let yourself go and enjoy the experience. 

8. Masturbation is a less-demanding way to enjoy sexual contact. 

As we get older, it can prove more difficult to get into some of our favorite sex positions. Sometimes, sex can prove downright uncomfortable. That does not necessarily mean, however, that you have to put off your sexual urges. Instead, try encouraging your partner to watch you masturbate. There are no uncomfortable positions. You don't have to worry about shifting at an awkward angle to help yourself reach orgasm. Instead, you can simply lie back and enjoy yourself. Try masturbating in different positions: you can even lay pressed up against your partner as you masturbate, feeling them grow more and more aroused against you as you continue. Your partner might even lend a helping hand that will help make the experience even more pleasurable. 

9. Masturbation where your partner isn't allowed to touch can ramp up the temptation (and the tension).

Invite your partner to watch you masturbate without touching themselves or touching you. Use your vibrator, your hands, or your other toys according to your desires and simply let yourself go. Not only is it an incredible turn-on for you to have the power and get to enjoy that sexual pleasure while tempting your partner, it can be incredibly hot for your partner, who knows they can't put their hands on you, but can only wait and watch. Of course, you'll want to encourage your partner to get some relief, too, once you're done! 

10. Letting your partner watch you masturbate could be the answer to one of their fantasies. 

Many people fantasize about watching their partner enjoy themselves. Your partner may well be no exception to the rule. Invite your partner to engage in that fantasy by watching you touch yourself and see how your partner responds. In many cases, it may be with a resounding, "Yes, please!" In fact, you may discover that mutual masturbation or watching each other masturbate becomes a regular part of your routine. 

11. Your partner will love seeing you lose yourself in sensual pleasure.

You're probably already familiar with that amazing moment when your partner loses him or herself in your touch. Just as exciting, however, is getting lost in sensual pleasure without any assistance at all. Your partner will love seeing you lost in the moment, excitedly touching yourself. 

Have you been on the fence about masturbating in front of your partner? Do you need a little help enhancing your pleasure? Adding a vibrator, including Crescendo, Tenuto, or Poco to your play is a great way to help you lose yourself in the moment and feel less self-conscious. 

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