Foreplay Technique: The “Butterfly Warm Up”

Turn your usual 30-second orgasm into a 30 minute one with Susan Bratton’s free guide to the “Butterfly Warm Up” technique.

Published May 24 2021 4 min read

How many different ways to orgasm are there? You might initially think two or three: clitoral orgasms, vaginal (or G-spot) orgasms, anal orgasms…and ones that combine areas and stimulate both areas simultaneously. 

But the more we learn about orgasms and sexual pleasure, the clearer it becomes that things are much more complicated than that. Edging, pace, pressure, lubrication, external stimulation (porn, erotica, or personal fantasy)  -  all of these things feed into overwhelmingly good orgasms, meaning that a simple definition doesn’t encompass the variety of possibilities. 

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking not of where orgasms originate, but how they’re brought on. Foreplay techniques that tune into the different parts of your body from manual stimulation and oral pleasuring to orgasmic breast massage and nipple-gasms, G-spot, A-spot, clitoral and blended. We all have a preference when dealing with our pleasure, and to step away from the usual routine you need to train your (or your partner’s) body to appreciate pleasure differently.

Expand your repertoire of foreplay techniques and enhance pleasure for you and your partner with Susan Bratton intimacy expert’s Butterfly Warm Up foreplay technique. The perfect way to get your partner in the mood, learn more about your own body and have you feeling more connected - for the most orgasmic experience yet. 

Turn your usual 30-second orgasm into a 30 minute one with Susan Bratton’s free guide to the “Butterfly Warm Up” technique - a tried and tested process of physical techniques that then transition into connecting with the emotional side of sex (whether solo or partnered). The Butterfly Warm Up will help teach your body to become multi-orgasmic, helping those who usually struggle to achieve orgasms whilst also increasing orgasmic intensity.

This technique involves four simple steps:

STEP 1: Butterfly Wing-stretch

Neutralizing tension.

STEP 2: Graceful Butterfly

Calm breath and movement of pelvic muscles to signal orgasmic contraction.

STEP 3: Fluttering Butterfly

Pelvic thrusting to awaken orgasmic response.

STEP 4: Butterfly in Repose

Connecting your heart to your sexual energy.

 Learn more about how to execute each step for orgasmic results in Susan Bratton's free guide.



Spice up your usual routine with an out-of-this-world foreplay technique that will have you reaching the highest peaks of arousal. Increase pleasure, deepen orgasms, and tune into your bodies by downloading this free E-book now. 

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