How Can MysteryVibe Help You Spice Up Your Sex Life?

If you're looking to spice up your sex life, stuck in a rut or struggling to start the conversation about sex with your partner, MysteryVibe can help!

Published Jun 23 2020 6 min read

A new research shows that 2 in 3 Americans are stuck in a sexual rut and becoming bored with their sex routines and 57% of Americans are embarrassed to have an honest conversation with their partner about what they want in bed.

Here's the good news: MysteryVibe can help you avoid burnout, increase your ability to have open conversations with your partner, and even lead to more spice in your sex life. 

How can MysteryVibe products help with sexual burnout?

Sexual burnout is a very real concern, especially if you've fallen into a rut. Fortunately, the MysteryVibe's sexual products line offers multiple features that can help you avoid burnout. 

1. Introduce something new

Crescendo 2, Tenuto 2, and Poco not only offer an opportunity for increased pleasure, but they can also help both you and your partner get excited about trying something new. When you purchase a new vibrator, you and your partner will get to explore it together. The MysteryVibe line offers multiple motors, intensity settings, and vibration patterns, which gives you plenty of new things to explore.

Simply introducing something new into the bedroom can help increase your excitement and anticipation! Tenuto 2, for example, is a vibrator for men that is worn on the penis and benefits both the male and female partners. It can extend stamina for him while delivering pulsing vibrations to both partners as you have sex: a win/win that can help you both get more excited.

2. Reduce stress related to sexual performance 

Increased stress, including stress related to performance, can increase the risk of burnout. If you or your partner are stressed about "getting it right," you may have trouble simply enjoying each other's bodies and making the most of the experience. Your MysteryVibe products can help.

Crescendo 2, for example, delivers powerful vibrations exactly where you (or your partner) want them most. You can customize those vibration patterns, then simply lean back and enjoy. Likewise, Tenuto 2 and Poco can amp up the pleasure and take the stress out of helping your partner (or you!) reach orgasm. 

3. Give yourself a little solo time

If you're struggling with feelings of sexual burnout, it can be helpful to spend some solo time masturbating. You can take advantage of the opportunity to explore your own body and remind yourself of what you enjoy most. You can also spend a little time fantasizing about your partner and some of your favorite sexual encounters, then later turn those fantasies into reality.

If you're looking for a smaller, more discrete vibrator for shower, Poco is an amazing choice. 

4. Build anticipation as you wait for your products to arrive

If you don't already have a MysteryVibe vibrator in your bedroom, simply ordering and preparing to try out something new is a great way to build anticipation. Discuss it with your partner ahead of time. Look forward to its arrival together. You'll find that when it does arrive, you're much more likely to be excited and in the mood.

5. Try out a new personal lubricant

Lube can make a huge difference in your sexual experience, especially if you're feeling burnt out or stressed out in light of the current crisis. Try out the  Ride Lube, or Astroglide. These lubes can make both masturbation and sex with your partner more enjoyable and take some of the pressure off so that you can simply lie back and enjoy. 

How can you have more open conversations about what you want in bed?

Having an open conversation about what you want in bed can be difficult even in an established relationship. You and your partner have likely developed plenty of sexual habits over time, and you may be afraid to hurt your partner's feelings by asking for something new. Worse, you may feel embarrassed by your fantasies or desires. 

The good news is, you can initiate an open conversation about your sexual desires. Try:

1. Using the Playcards. 

The MysteryVibe Playcards don't just offer a great look at some of the many ways you can use Crescendo 2, Tenuto 2, and Poco. They also provide an excellent opportunity for conversation or a game to make things more interesting. Open up your pack of playcards and discuss them with your partner. Have a conversation about the things that intrigue you the most. You can also use those cards to tie into past sex sessions or things you have enjoyed. Add intrigue to your night by letting the cards decide which position to try next. 

2. Experimenting with the app.

The MysteryVibe app allows you to customize the vibration patterns on your vibrator. You can choose from a library of different patterns or create your own based on the things that you enjoy. Don't be afraid to experiment, both alone and with your partner! Put your partner in control and be honest about what you enjoy most.

Take control yourself and show your partner exactly what you enjoy. Move your vibrator into your preferred location, tease yourself, and invite your partner to tease you or delight you. It's a great way to start a conversation about what you enjoy in bed—and to open the door for experimentation both with and without your vibrator in the future.


How can you teach your partner what you like in bed?

Whether you're starting a sexual relationship with a new partner or you need to communicate changing desires to a long-term partner, it can be challenging to start the conversation. Luckily, MysteryVibe is here to help make it easier to teach your partner what you like. 

1. Show your partner where you like to be touched and teased using your Crescendo 2 or Poco. 

Both Crescendo 2 and Poco are perfectly designed to gently caress your body. You can use them to show your partner the sensitive spots that bring you the most pleasure. You can also show how them how intense you like the vibration settings: while some people like it rougher, others prefer a gentler, slower touch. 

MysteryVibe Tenuto Award winning Male Bluetooth Vibrator for Stronger, Longer Erections

2. Commit to experimenting together. 

Share with your partner that you're struggling with sexual burnout or, if you're not comfortable with that, that you'd like to try something new. If you've never used a vibrator before, now is a great time to start! Purchase a Crescendo 2, Tenuto 2, or Poco - or all of the above! - then commit to experimenting together. Try it out to discover what you like.

Settle on a method for communicating: a simple system that will tell your partner that yes, you like that; you'd like a little more pressure; or you'd like to try something different. Since you're using a new toy to spice things up in the bedroom, your partner will be less likely to experience a sense of failure if it doesn't work. Instead, you're just trying out something new together!

3. Look over the playcards together. Discuss what you do and don't like. 

Frame your conversation as, "Oh, I really love it when you..." "This looks like a lot of fun!" "Hey, can we try..." All of these conversation starters, helped along by the playcards, can help you give your partner a better idea of what you like in bed. While the playcards focus on new positions and techniques you can try with your vibrators, many of them can also open the discussion to other things you and your partner might enjoy in bed. You might even discover some of the things your partner likes most at the same time! 

MysteryVibe Poco Bluetooth Bendable G-Spot Vibrator

4. Try out mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation is the perfect opportunity to teach your partner more about what you like in bed. By taking matters into your own hands, you can give your partner a clear display of exactly the pressure and speed that appeals most to you. Using your MysteryVibe vibrator while you masturbate can add an extra element of pleasure as well as giving your partner a better idea of how you'd like to use your favorite vibrator together.

Tenuto 2 can slip into place on the penis to enhance sensation and increase pleasure during a masturbation session, while either Crescendo 2 or Poco can be used to stimulate exactly the right spots for a mind-blowing orgasm, all while watching your partner enjoy pleasuring themselves.

If you're looking to spice up your sex life, stuck in a rut or struggling to start the conversation about sex with your partner, MysteryVibe can help!

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