Pompoir Exercises: How Pelvic Floor Mobility And Flexibility Increases Pleasure

Want better sex? Learn how to do pompoir exercises like the milking technique to improve pelvic floor mobility, flexibility, and increase pleasure!

Published Dec 22 2022 12 min read

Having a strong and stretchy pelvic floor is key to intensifying every sensation during sex. While Kegel exercises are one way to achieve that, so is pompoir, and arguably a much more pleasurable process.

In previous articles, we’ve covered pompoir basics, how to start training pompoir, and three pompoir strength building exercises for your pelvic floor. The combined results of this pompoir training will directly impact your sex life. However, pompoir strength exercises alone aren’t going to yield maximum pleasure without the key elements of mobility and flexibility.

Pompoir Flexibility Strength Venn Diagram

To begin, let’s touch upon some training concepts of mobility and flexibility to ensure a safe practice and progression towards mastering more complex movements.

Mobility is our joint’s ability to carry out a movement throughout its entire range of motion. Think of being able to perform a deep squat.

Flexibility is our muscle’s ability to lengthen passively throughout this range of motion. Think of being able to stretch your quads enough so you can actually do a squat.

In other words, mobility encompasses flexibility, as well as stability and strength.

Why is this relevant for our vaginal acrobatics?

Because a healthy, pleasurable vagina is not only strong - but mobile and flexible.

In fact, it’s due to your vagina’s amazing expansion power that you’re able to experience pleasure during penetration.

This ability, coupled with your pompoir skills that allow you to intensify every thrust, and your strong pelvic floor that boosts your orgasm contractions is the perfect cocktail (or should we say - vagtail?) for an earth-shaking sexual experience.

Pompoir Milking Technique Infographic

The milking technique: Mobility at its finest

A phenomenal example of how mobility work is incorporated into pompoir is the milking technique.

Milking is a beginner-friendly pompoir exercise but make no mistake - it can be insanely pleasurable in the bedroom when done right.

To perform the milking technique follow the steps below:

1. Imagine your vaginal canal is divided into 10 different vertical levels, starting from the entrance to the top of your cervix.

2. Now, imagine that you’ve placed a marble at the very entrance of your vagina, and your goal is to guide it all the way up from the entrance slowly.

3. Inhale, and as you exhale, slowly start contracting your pelvic floor muscles, taking the imaginary marble all the way up. As you do so, pay attention to each level of your vaginal canal: how does contracting feel at level 3 compared to level 6 or 8? Is it a bit more uncomfortable to keep pulling as you get to level 10?

4. Hold that contraction at level 10 for 3 seconds, softly inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

5. As you inhale again and fill your belly with air, slowly relax your muscles (back to negative work!), taking that marble down in a controlled fashion. Once again, focus on how it feels to relax each level of your vaginal canal.

    This pompoir exercise achieves a few things.

    First, it allows you to connect with the different levels of the transverse plane of your vagina. This is a fundamental aspect of pompoir: understanding how each vertical level feels helps you then isolate them during each exercise. In other words, it will feel quite different to be pulsing at the entrance of your vaginal canal (level 1) than to be sucking at level 6 - for both you and your partner.

    Second, it works on your mobility by taking the imaginary marble throughout the entire range of motion.

    And third, it practices relaxation of your pelvic floor muscles - which, if we haven’t made clear enough yet, is extremely important!

    How to perform the milking technique during sex

    So how do you perform this motion in the bedroom for optimal pleasure?

    Well, it might sound a little counterintuitive at first, but you’re going to be lengthening your muscles as your partner thrusts inside of you, and actually contracting as your partner leaves your body.

    To understand why this is so pleasurable, try doing this with your fingers inserted inside of you. As you expand your pelvic floor, you should feel the back of your vaginal canal pushing against your fingers.

    You should feel all the little ridges and creases of your insides rub against your fingers. These ridges and creases create the sensation of resistance as your partner enters you.

    As the penis pulls out of your body, the contraction pulls it in, almost as if you weren’t allowing him to leave you.

    Just imagine what that does to him, psychologically speaking.

    Pompoir stretches for flexibility

    Make no mistake: having a flexible pelvic floor is not only healthy, but pleasurable.

    These relaxation movements can help you have more powerful orgasms and a higher sex drive. Having a strong and stretchy vagina is key for every sensation to be intensified.

    So besides making sure you’re performing the aforementioned relaxation and lengthening moves, what else can you do to ensure you have a flexible pelvic floor?

    Why, stretching, of course!

    Stretching helps improve our flexibility, and with that, the range of motion of our joints.

    Better range of motion means that our muscles get better at performing certain movements while maintaining good form (the more flexible your hips are, the better you’ll be able to perform deep lunges, for example).

    In sex terms, the more flexible your pelvic floor muscles are, the better you’ll be at performing deep contractions all the way through your vaginal canal, stimulating your G-Spot and A-Spot.

    The second big benefit of flexibility is that it indirectly prevents injury. Muscles that are fluid and pliable move better, have better balance, and are less susceptible to tension and soreness. And if there’s something that is going to guarantee you won’t enjoy sex, it’s a sore vagina.

    Here are four of our favorite pelvic floor stretches you want to incorporate at the end of your pompoir practice.

    Aim to stretch for 5 to 10 minutes after each training session.

    Pompoir Pelvic Floor Stretches

    The happy baby pose (ananda balasana)

    Lying on your back, raise your legs in the air and open your knees wider than your torso. Take a deep breath.

    As you exhale, bring your knees close to your chest and reach with your arms to grab your toes. Pull your hands down to create some resistance to really stretch that area.

    This stretch is not just great for your pelvic floor, but also benefits your hips and your hamstrings.

    The sphinx (salamba bhujangasana)

    An extremely gentle backbend. Lie on your stomach, completely relaxed with your hands by your side. Take a deep breath.

    As you exhale, raise your chest by supporting yourself on your forearms.

    If you feel comfortable with this, you can increase the stretch by extending your arms completely and supporting yourself with your hands (Bhujangasana).

    The yogi squat (malasana)

    A great stretch to learn whether you want to stretch your pelvic floor or not, as it strengthens your ankles and opens your hips.

    This is an energetic pose, and it’s going to take some time to master.

    Start by standing with your legs wider than shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath.

    As you exhale, begin squatting, bringing your tailbone to the ground. Your feet should be flat on the floor - you don’t want to be raising your heels or toes.

    Widen your hips as much as you need to achieve a full squat, where your elbows are resting comfortably inside your thighs and your palms are touching each other. You might lose balance and fall forward. Don’t get discouraged.

    As you get better at this position, you’ll feel more stable, and you won’t need to widen your hips as much.

    If you have some trouble with balance, you can place your hands on a wall to support yourself. You can also place a yoga block or similarly solid object beneath your butt to ease yourself into this deep squat position.

    This position is also great for digestion, strengthening your lower body, and relieving back pain.

    The child’s pose (balasana)

    Another gentle stretch - this one is also great for your ankles and thighs.

    Begin on all fours, and take a deep breath.

    As you exhale, widen your knees, try to bring your big toes to touch, and move your hips back to rest your belly on your thighs. Extend your arms all the way out.

    Relax your shoulders, jaw, and eyes, as you place your forehead on the floor.

    Stretching after sex?

    If you’ve ever experienced pain or soreness after a particularly energetic sex session (or after getting down with a particularly well-endowed partner!), vaginal stretching has been proven to help alleviate those symptoms.

    Now, if you’ve decided to add pompoir to your sex life, we suggest you also partake in this post-coital cooldown.

    Pompoir is insanely pleasurable, yes, but it’s also a proper workout for your muscles. So, if you’re taking the time to stretch them after your training sessions, it would also make sense to do it after you put that training into practice in the bedroom.

    Take those five minutes and ensure that you keep your pelvic floor flexible and healthy, so you can continue milking, sucking, squeezing, and twisting away!

    Pompoir Stretching After Sex

    How to learn pompoir faster

    If you’ve been following our pompoir guide so far, by now you’ve discovered quite a bit about what your incredible vagina can do.

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