Top Tips To Buy Sex Toys

Here is the lowdown on how exactly you should go about buying sex toys, what to consider in your purchase decision and where to buy from.

Published Feb 05 2021 5 min read

When buying your very first sex toy, whether for solo or partnered use there are a lot of choices and decisions to make. Some common queries seem to be around where to buy sex toys? And how to discreetly buy sex toys? Not to mention how do you even begin to talk about sex toys with your partner?

Here is the lowdown on how exactly you should go about buying sex toys, what to consider in your purchase decision and where to buy award wining sex toys for couples.

Which sex toy is right for me?

Let your turn-ons guide you in your quest to buy the perfect sex toy. To start, why not prioritize the features you want into (1) must-haves (2) would like (3) not bothered.

Some of the things to take into account are:

What kind of sensations do you enjoy during sex? 

Do you like internal, external or both simultaneously? Do you enjoy the way vibrations feel or are you more into air technology? 

These are all questions that can be answered through sex toy research and trying them out! Every body is different and unique so what feels great for you may be so-so for someone else.

With a variety of sex toys on the market from butt plugs, to cock rings, bullet vibrators to realistic dildos, reading up on different types of sex toys will give you a feel for what is on the market and help you narrow it down. If your heart is set on a vibrator, read our top tips on how to to buy a vibrator

Which features are must-haves?

Additional features can turn a good sex toy into a great sex toy. If you enjoy bath or shower play then a waterproof vibrator is a must. Whilst in the long run, rechargeable vibrators are much more environmentally friendly and you save a whole lot of money on batteries. If you and your partner are looking to explore pleasure al fresco, then read into remote-controlled sex toys for hands-free pleasure.

Now you have your list of priorities it is time to start narrowing down your sex toy choice. 

What sex toy material to choose? 

Sex toys are getting up and personal with intimate parts of your body, which is why it can be essential to understand which sex toy materials are safest to use and clean. For example, 100% silicone is 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic and latex-free - it is also very easy to clean with either soap and water or a special toy cleaner, making it the go-to material of a lot of high-end sex toys. 

You should stay clear of sex toys that are labeled as ‘gag’ gifts or novelty items as they contain phthalates and are generally not intended for bodily use. The material you choose should also inform your decision regarding what personal lubricant to use - generally, water-based lube is the go-to for most sex toys but always check what works best for your body and your pleasure product. 

Learn how to properly clean and store your sex toy

Keeping your brand new sex toy clean is vital in looking after yourself and your pleasure product. If you don’t take care of your sex toy you run the risk of UTIs and other not so desirable infections. 

Not to mention if you have a few sex toys, they should be stored separately to avoid discoloring and degrading. Most luxury sex toys come with their very own storage bag to keep them in tip-top condition. Check out the sex toy spec from the distributor to see how you should be storing and cleaning your sex toy. 

Utilize the online space to dip your toe into the world of pleasure products - read sex toy reviews, watch unboxings and see what your favorite sex educator has to say about sex toys. This can give you a great starting point in informing your sex toy decision.

What’s my budget?

Generally, you can find sex toys that suit a range of budgets, but it is important to note that spending a little more often results in a longer-lasting, better quality sex toy. 

Quite often cheaper sex toys have buzzy surface-level vibrations rather than deep rumbly vibrations that give a little more oomph. Luxury vibrators even on their lowest settings can feel a lot more powerful than the strongest settings of cheap toys.

Where to Buy Sex Toys

Where to buy sex toys?

Buying sex toys online

Everything you want can now be found online with most sex toy shops offering fast and free shipping, making the shopping experience a lot smoother for those that aren’t as comfortable walking into a store and asking sensitive questions. We’ve outlined a few things to consider below when buying sex toys online:

Discreet shipping

Mortified at the idea of handing over those anal beads to pay for at the til? Thankfully, you don’t need to share your private life with a stranger when shopping online. Although most online sex toy stores will exercise discretion, various company’s will take different approaches with some using a completely different name on the credit card to the shipping label. When shopping from a site, have a look at a company’s policies on shipping and discretion to ensure they cater to your needs.

Customer service

Ask customer service questions anonymously! With customer service teams readily available to discreetly answer any questions you have, buying sex toys online has never been easier - or less awkward. 

Unlike offline stores however, a customer service rep. may not always be immediately available and you may have to wait to get the answers you’re looking for.

Manufacturer vs. Sex Toy Store

Sex toys really can be brought everywhere online - from Amazon to eBay, a super store or directly from the company that manufacture the sex toy. Like with any product, when you buy directly from a company you can be sure you’re getting the real deal and the latest version of the product. Make sure you do the research beforehand on 3rd party sellers to ensure they are a trusted reseller and read reviews. Places like Amazon and eBay have plenty of wonderful, genuine sex toys but can also have little regulation in this area and ‘dupes’ may be created with similar packaging and style but without the quality you are looking for. 

Return policies

Unfortunately, buying a sex toy online means you can’t ‘try’ before you buy - or get a feel for the product. As they are intimate in nature, return policies often don’t allow you to take a sex toy for a test drive even after you’ve brought the product so make sure to bear this in mind and check the return policies to avoid disappointment. 

Buying sex toys offline

The world has come a long way from the sleezy sex toy stores people would shy away from for fear of being seen in. From retailers like Adam & Eve, Agent Provacateur and Ann Summers making the experience welcoming and comfortable. 

The biggest advantage of going in store to buy a sex toy is that you can have a real hands-on experience in testing out different sensations to help you see what kind of vibrations you enjoy, test the vibration intensity and see if you like the size and feel of the product before buying it. 

Sex toy stores also have very experienced experts who can guide you and answer your queries right there and then - and they know their stuff! 

If you have zero experience and no idea what you want then this is one of the best options for you. With picking a sex toy you may not get it right the first time - so enjoy the journey to sexual enlightenment as you begin to try plenty. 

Now you are ready to look into buying your perfect sex toy check out our range of award-winning vibrators and sex toys to enhance your pleasure and sex life!

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