7 Tips to Help You Achieve Good, Mind-Blowing Sex

There are many reasons why sex can be less than ideal, so here are 7 tips to help you and your partner maximize your pleasure. 

Published Jun 19 2023 5 min read


Sexual activity is crucial to a healthy relationship, and ensuring both parties enjoy it is essential. However, achieving good, mind-blowing sex is not always easy and requires effort from both partners. It's not just about satisfying oneself but also about satisfying their partner, which can be achieved by being attentive to their needs and desires and ensuring that both parties are comfortable and enjoying the experience. 

What constitutes bad sex? Sometimes, sex is lousy, leaving one or both partners feeling unsatisfied. This can be due to poor communication, mismatched sexual preferences, and poor technique. However, bad sex is not just about physical aspects but can also be affected by emotional and mental factors such as stress, anxiety, and relationship issues. It's easy to say that bad sex is when one or both partners do not experience pleasure or satisfaction, but one or both parties must understand that there can be underlying reasons that must be addressed. 

To help you improve your sex game and achieve mind-blowing orgasms, here are some tips: 

1. Leave your ego at the door 

One of the most significant obstacles to achieving mind-blowing sex is ego. When one or both partners think they already know everything there is to know about sex, they become complacent and stop learning and exploring. They may also become defensive when their partner suggests trying something new or giving feedback on what they like or dislike. 

To improve your sex game, it's essential to leave your ego at the door and approach sex with an open mind. There's nothing wrong with being vanilla, but you must be willing to try new things and listen to your partner's feedback without getting defensive. Remember that sex is a journey; there is always room for growth and improvement. 

2. Know what you want 

You are the only person who knows you best, so you must know what you want and need in the bedroom. This can include specific acts, fantasies, or even emotional needs. Communicate these desires with your partner, and be open to hearing them. By clearly understanding what each other wants, you can create a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience. 

Let's say you have a particular kink or fantasy that you want to explore. It's crucial to communicate this with your partner before engaging in any sexual activity. This way, you can both decide if it's something you're both comfortable with, and you can establish boundaries and safe words. 

3. Focus on the present 

When engaging in sexual activity, focusing on the present moment is essential. Avoid distractions and let go of any worries or stress. Be fully present with your partner and enjoy the experience. Being in the moment lets you fully connect with your partner and create a more intimate and enjoyable experience. 

One way to stay present is by focusing on your senses. Pay attention to the sensations on your skin, the sounds of your partner's breath, and the taste and smell of your partner's body. This can help you stay in the moment and fully experience the pleasure of the moment. 

4. Remember that you are in control 

It's easy to feel pressured when you're on the giving end, especially if you're worried about pleasing your partner or meeting certain expectations. However, it's important to remember that you are in control of your own body and your own sexual experience. You have the right to set boundaries and communicate your desires and needs. 

If at any point you feel uncomfortable or want to stop, it's important to speak up and let your partner know. Consent is key in any sexual encounter, and both partners should feel comfortable and respected throughout the experience. 

5. Read your partner's body language 

Communication is key in any sexual encounter, but sometimes words aren't necessary. Listen to your partner's body language and nonverbal cues to understand their feelings. Are they tensing up or relaxing? Are they making eye contact or looking away? 

Ask for permission before proceeding if you're unsure about what your partner wants or needs. This can be done verbally or through nonverbal cues, such as a nod or a smile. Remember that everyone's comfort levels and boundaries differ, so be respectful and attentive to your partner's needs. 

6. Communicate openly with your partner 

Verbal communication is just as important as body language in any sexual encounter. Ask them directly if you're unsure what your partner wants or needs. 

Create a safe and comfortable space for open communication about boundaries, desires, sexual fantasies, and preferences. Be honest and clear about your boundaries, and respect your partner's boundaries. Consent is key; always ask before trying something new or different. 

7. Evaluate the situation afterwards

After sex, take a moment to evaluate how it went. Did you feel comfortable and respected? Did you feel like your needs were met? Was there anything that could have been improved? 

If there were any issues or concerns, communicate them with your partner calmly and respectfully. Likewise, if everything went well, let your partner know and express your gratitude. Sexual experiences should be positive and empowering for both partners, so asking for feedback is important to ensure that future encounters are enjoyable and fulfilling. 

The bottom line 

Sex is a natural and normal part of human life but can also be complex and emotionally charged. For this reason, you must approach sexual encounters with open communication, respect, and consent. This way, the experience can be enjoyable and fulfilling for both parties. 

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