What Is The Latest Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction?

Learn about erectile dysfunction remedies available now, as well as what’s on the horizon.

Published Apr 05 2023 9 min read

If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, you’re likely to wonder how to cure it, and fast. Scientists are always in the process of developing and testing cutting-edge ED treatments. In fact, a good number of erectile dysfunction remedies you might not even be aware of are available right now. The following erectile dysfunction treatments are FDA-approved, but be sure to talk to your doctor about whether one of these methods could be right for you.

Can erectile dysfunction be cured? 

Yes, erectile dysfunction can be cured. According to Yale Medicine, almost all cases of ED are treatable, and the right course of treatment most often results in a higher quality of life and more fulfilling intimacy. The question is finding the right erectile dysfunction treatment for you. Either way, you can rest easy knowing ED doesn’t have to last forever. 

The latest treatments for erectile dysfunction 

When it comes to the latest treatments for ED, there are many cutting-edge options. These advancements go beyond what’s traditionally been available over the counter, and are worth looking into if you’re seeking a longer term, more permanent fix to impotence. 

1. Penile implants

A penile implant is a custom-fit medical device that is surgically placed into your penis and can offer real hope in producing a natural-feeling erection. These devices are ever evolving, and today, there are two types of implant options: semirigid and inflatable. The primary difference is that the inflatable implants produce a more “natural” erection while the semirigid  implant makes your penis permanently firm. A urologist will determine which is best suited for your body’s individual needs. 

The best candidates for penile implants are men who have not responded positively to other ED treatments, or men who have had prostate, bladder, or colon cancer treatment. If you have a penile deformity or atrophy, an implant may help counteract it to achieve more comfortable erection. No matter your circumstance or the type of penile prothesis, a 2022 analysis of satisfaction rates among men and partners with penile implants was very high. 

2. Vacuum erection devices

Vacuum erection devices (or VEDs) have been in use since the 1980s, but have resurged in the last decade due to their continued efficacy as well as enhanced comfort in the pleasure product space. While VEDs were once totally manual, they’re now available in a battery-operated version for more efficient pumping. To use a VED, place the vacuum over your penis, and pump air out of the tube to promote blood flow, creating an erection. An elastic band is placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

VEDs are safe, speedy to use, versatile, and non-medical. However, some find that having to use the pump before penetrative sex can take from the spontaneity. 

3. Low-intensity shock treatment

While shockwave treatment has been around for many years, only recently have urologists harnessed it in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. During treatment, your doctor would use a small wand-like device to stimulate penile tissue and encourage blood flow via sound waves. These low-intensity shockwaves have been shown to aid in the growth of new blood vessels in your penis, which is essential for erections. While low-intensity shock treatment is still considered experimental, certain hospitals and clinics have started using it to treat patients with ED.  

4. Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that effects male sex drive, among other things, so if your body isn’t producing enough testosterone, it might contribute to difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Testosterone replacement therapy might help in solving that problem. It can come in a number of different forms, from intramuscular injections administered from two to 10 weeks apart, to testosterone gel applied on the skin, to a testosterone stick, applied similar to how you’d use deodorant. Each of these methods supply a different level of testosterone, so you’ll want to speak to your doctor about which application might work best for you. 

5 Erectile Dysfunction Medications

5 erectile dysfunction medications

If you’re seeking a more accessible erectile dysfunction remedy, you might try erectile dysfunction medications. There are five FDA-approved medications that are prescribed as treatments for ED. Each of these options have varying release times, price points, and side effects that may or may not suit you. Here are five erectile dysfunction medications to choose from. 

1. Viagra 

Viagra, also known as “the little blue pill” is taken 30 minutes before sex. The active ingrediant is sildenafil and it lasts 4-6 hours in the body, but may cause more side effects (rash, muscle aches) than other prescription ED medications. 

2. Stendra

Stendra is taken 15 minutes before sex. It’s active ingredient is avanafil and it lasts longer than Viagra (6-12 hours).

3. Levitra

This oral ED pill is similar to Viagra in that it’s taken 30-60 minutes before sex, but has a different active ingredient called vardenafil. It has lesser side effects than similar medications, and lasts around 4-6 hours.

4. Staxyn

Staxyn contains the same active ingredient as Levitra (vardenafil). It should be taken 60 minutes prior to sex.  

5. Cialis

Cialis is the brand name for the ED medication, tadalafil. It comes in a daily pill for continuous use at lower dosages, or a higher dosage for occasional use. It’s ingested 30 minutes before sex.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and emotional factors. For that reason, it’s often recommended to take a holistic approach to treating ED. Try these natural erectile dysfunction treatments.  

1. Counseling 

Seeking therapy can have a profound impact on issues related to intimacy, including ED. According to the American Psychological Association, mindfulness-based sex therapy is becoming increasingly recognized for arousal and desire problems.

2. Lifestyle changes

Changing your lifestyle can be a key part of treating ED, including staying physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, and giving your body the vitamins it needs. Urologists suggest the best vitamins for ED are, citrulline, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid, and zinc. You can get a healthy amount of citrulline from watermelon, while folic acid is found in leafy greens and zinc is found in oysters, red meat, and poultry. Additionally, there are a couple of medicinal herbs that are believed to help with erectile dysfunction (see: horny goat weed, Yohimbe bark, and red ginseng). 

Sex Toys Can Help Manage ED Tenuto 2

Sex toys can help you manage ED 

While using sex toys isn’t an erectile dysfunction treatment, per se, some products can effectively help you experience pleasurable sex even when you struggle to get and maintain an erection. Pleasure products present a less-invasive, non-prescriptive option for treatment, plus, it’s easy to order a quality sex toy and experiment in the comfort of your bedroom. Some sex toys for men, like cock rings, are made specifically to help the wearer get hard and stay hard. Other wearable vibrators for men, like Tenuto 2, for example, work similarly to cock rings but add precise vibrations intended to give you stronger, longer lasting erections. 

The fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction

The fastest way to cure ED may differ from case to case so it’s important to speak to your healthcare provider to learn what will work best for you. The causes of ED are usually multi-factorial, so, curing ED in the quickest way possible will likely involve a multi-pronged approach like ED medication and lifestyle changes (quitting smoking, exercising more, eating healthy, etc.) or therapy.

The future of ED treatments 

Due to the prominence of erectile dysfunction, experts are constantly working to improve the quality of treatment for people who have this condition. However, new medications and technologies take a lot of time and money to develop, which means they can take years to hit the market. Take a look at therapies currently underway, which you may be able to incorporate into your ED treatment regimen in the future. 

Stem cell transplant therapy

When it comes to stem cell transplant therapy to treat ED, findings are promising, though limited with more studies and evidence needed. Researchers believe that the self-renewal property of stem cells could make them a potentially valuable ally in treating ED. They’re widely used to repair damaged tissue, and are easy to derive from bone marrow or adipose tissue right in your own body. When stem cells were injected into their penile tissue, animals who failed to respond to other treatments responded well during trials.

Platelet-rich plasma injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is super enriched with various growth factors that are known to improve erectile function, which means that PRP injections administered in your doctor’s office may one day make a difference in your ability to get hard.

In a 2021 study of 60 participants with mild to moderate ED it was indicated that intracavernous injections of PRP led to improvement in erectile function, without side effects that went beyond penile bruising. But although this method of treatment seems to show potential, it could be a long time before you can start getting regular shots at your own urologist. PRP injection therapy also appears to only be a short-term treatment to manage mild to moderate ED. 

Gene therapy

Gene therapy refers to the process of replacing “defective” genes with normal ones in order to correct genetic disorders. If you and your doctor determine your erectile dysfunction could be rooted in family history, this treatment might be a path to explore if it becomes available. 

An early look at the safety and efficacy of gene therapy found that the penis is a convenient tissue target for this approach since it is external accessible, and gets a generally low level of blood flow, particularly when flaccid. A later study in 2018 stated that a number of therapeutic gene strategies have been extensively tested and proven effective in animals, while it's still too early to test on humans. If investigation around gene therapy continues at this trajectory, it might become a viable option to treat ED in certain candidates. 

Final words

There are a myriad of erectile dysfunction treatments on the market that go beyond what’s available in first-line erectile dysfunction medications. Speak to your doctor if you think one of these ever-advancing treatment options might be right for you. Also, be sure to keep an eye out as science continues to progress. While treating erectile dysfunction is completely possible, it’s also possible to have satisfying sex. To learn more, read our guide on how to have great sex with ED

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