How Sex Toys Impact Your Relationship

The introduction of sex toys can jump-start an honest conversation about what you would like sexually, or even just in your relationship overall. 

Published Jan 15 2021 5 min read

Adult sex toys have become wildly popular over the last few years, as they are normalized a little bit more in every day in society. However, we have heard a thousand mistruths and myths so we hope to debunk a few and remind you that sex toys, such as vibrators, cock rings and Ben Wa balls are the perfect relationship enhancer.

Any threatening feelings you may have toward this pleasure giver can easily be dispelled with a healthy dose of communication. Chances are your partner doesn’t vibrate - which means yes sex toys do offer unique sensations and different experiences to your partner. But remember different doesn’t necessarily equate to better.

How can sex toys impact your relationship? 

Increase sexual satisfaction

Couples that reported higher sexual satisfaction were more likely to have tried out using sex toys together! It can open up some new experiences, where you get to understand your and your partner’s body a little better.  

Lengthen foreplay

Foreplay is the key to all good sex, help get those juices flowing by giving time to each other’s pleasure. Yet it can also build up more intense feelings of desire, try introducing your own self-pleasure with your partner. Showing them what feels good and giving them a tease. 

Get to know your bodies better

While orgasms are the trigger response to buy your first sex toy, you quickly learn owning a sex toy is not all about reaching the big O. You can explore your body and your partners with various erogenous zone to stimulate you may find something entirely new. 


sex toys impact relationships communicate more

Help you communicate more

The introduction of sex toys can jump-start an honest conversation about what you would like sexually, or even just in your relationship overall. The cuddles after a session in the bedroom can foster really truthful conversations as you uncover and discuss what has happened. This feeling of connectedness, makes you feel a kind of trust you never felt before.

Shift the focus away from goal-orientated sex

Sex is a journey, not a destination, and this journey involves a lot of pleasure. Help shift foreplay away from a thing you sometimes do to an integral part of sex. Foreplay is responsible for intense, earth-shattering orgasms. The build-up, the sensations and the excitement. With the aid of a sex toy - foreplay becomes coreplay.

Relieve performance anxiety

People can feel the pressure to perform in the bedroom, especially if their partner gives them orgasms like there’s no tomorrow. Sexual performance anxiety can be a major obstacle in great sex, making sex feel nerve-wracking, and taking you out of the moment. Alleviate the pressure through the use of sex toys that can help prolong sex, and give both partners a great time. MysteryVibe's Tenuto can help you stop worrying about staying hard, and deliver amazing sensations to your partner. Literally turning you into a vibrator - for both your pleasure.

Liven up your sex life

We can all get stuck in a rut from time to time, whether in our daily lives or our sex lives. With the addition of sex toys, you can make things exciting again. ‘If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it’, now this is certainly not true when it comes to our sex lives. Why wouldn’t you want to experience pure ecstasy in the bedroom, if you keep your sex life on one note forever you may find boredom creeping in.


Sex toys impact your relationship by helping better direction

Give better direction

Sometimes it can feel a little ego bashing to your partner if you are constantly correcting them on how they are satisfying you, but this is something that is a vital part of great sex! Move away from the personal attacks by trying something new. As you both begin to work your way around how to use these sex toys - you will find yourself saying what feels really good, and what could feel better. Resulting in a lot more direction and a lot less fake orgasms.

Make you feel connected 

One of the downsides of long-distance relationships is the lack of sex, let’s be real if you’ve been involved in a long-distance relationship you have certainly wished your partner was next to you when you’re feeling sexually frustrated. So if sexting isn’t quite doing it for you - a long-distance sex toy could be the answer for some extra intimate facetime. If you close your eyes you might even trick yourself into thinking your partner is right there.

Close the orgasm gap

Recent research showed that heterosexual women tend to have fewer orgasms than their male partners – as few as one for every three the guy experiences. If an orgasms gap exists in your relationship then why not change that. A sex toy can quite often help women orgasm a little easier, if an orgasms gap exists within your relationship then a sex toy can help eliminate it. Which for sure will keep your partner grinning from ear to ear.

Navigate sex drive differences

Not every couple has perfectly matched sex drives, and around 80% of couples admit to libido differences at least once in the last month. A sex toy can help with these sex drive differences to help satisfy the needs of the individual with a high sex drive. If you are feeling tired after a long day of work - then suggest your partner has some solo time, after all, solo sex is just as important as partnered sex.

Now that you know all the life-changing opportunities sex toys have to offer, find out how to begin the conversation with your partner and get the ultimate go-to guide to creating more pleasure in your relationship. Ready to try a sex toy with your partner? Discover a range of pleasure products that can help you spice up your relationship.

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