9 Reasons Why Women Will Love Tenuto 2

While Tenuto 2 is a wearable male vibrator, don’t discredit its power in pleasuring women and vulvas. This vibrator for men was designed for him with her in mind making it the ideal vibrator for women and couples alike. Here are 9 ways that Tenuto 2 benefits women and people with vulvas. 

Published Jul 05 2022 8 min read

If you’re familiar with MysteryVibe's pioneering wearable vibrator for men, Tenuto 2, you might be wondering if our title was a typo. A vibrator for men that women will love? Your eyes do not deceive you (and we have a content team checking for typos). Just because this vibrator is worn on the penis doesn’t mean a partner with a vulva can’t benefit... immensely.

Below are 9 ways that Tenuto 2 benefits women and people with vulvas.

1. Makes Sex Last Longer

Sometimes, biology works against us creating an orgasm gap with only 1 in 4 women orgasming during sexual intercourse. Typically, men reach orgasm before women do with the average male orgasm taking between 5-7 minutes to reach. Whereas women’s orgasm takes a little longer, ranging from 14-20 minutes. If there is pressure, it can take a woman even longer than 20 minutes. That puts women at a sexual disadvantage, and this is where Tenuto 2 levels the playing field.

Tenuto 2 is designed to act like a cock ring that comfortably restricts blood in the penis, making an erection last longer, prolonging the experience and allowing a woman to relax and experience pleasure without pressure. Unlike a traditional cock ring however, Tenuto 2 has 4 vibrating motors, 16 intensity levels, remote connectivity and also allows for ejaculation. You can have your cake and eat it too.

9 Reasons Why Women Will Love Tenuto 2 - Explosive Orgasms

2. Explosive Dual And Blended Orgasms During Sex

Who doesn't want those? With nearly 75% of women not being able to reach an orgasm from penetration alone, clitoral stimulation is essential for female pleasure and orgasms! Unfortunately, it can often get overlooked. And even when it's not overlooked, multi-tasking during sex can take away from being in the moment.

So, give that clitoris love! Hands-free! The front three motors on Tenuto 2 take the shape of the labia and are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and vulva. If broken down into segments, the whole front portion of Tenuto 2 is basically a vulva vibrator and clitoral vibrator to maximize pleasure.

Tenuto 2 amplifies sensations during intercourse for both partners and to sweeten the deal, you also feel dispersed waves of deep vibrations from his penis course through the vaginal canal in time with dedicated clitoral and vulva stimulation.

Even though Tenuto 2 is worn on the penis, it seems that vulva owners get the better benefit here with dual stimulation, blended orgasm capability for intense orgasms, and hands-free pleasure. Tenuto 2 leaves no partner left behind in the realm of pleasure.

3. Mind-Blowing Orgasms Just For You

You don’t need a penis or a partner to use Tenuto 2; it can be used as a solo clitoral vibrator or vulva vibrator. Press any part of Tenuto 2’s vibrating body against the clitoris and vulva and experience electrifying sensations with minimal maneuvering. With three front motors taking the shape of the labia, it amplifies sensations throughout the entire external region, so you'll definitely hit the right spot. Regardless of where you’re pressing it, you’re going to receive immense pleasure.

Tenuto 2’s end acts as a sturdy handle for an easy and comfortable grip, which makes stimulating your external area convenient and easy.

Personalize your experience with the free MysteryVibe app and create your own vibes - you can even pick which vibes come from which motor to personalize and optimize your pleasure.

9 Reasons Why Women Will Love Tenuto 2 - Nipple Orgasms

4. Amplifies Nipple Sensations Like WHOA! (And Nipple Orgasms)

Nipple orgasms are a thing, and if you haven’t experienced one, Tenuto 2 can help with that. For many women, nipples are a key erogenous zone as they contain hundreds of nerves. Studies show that nipple stimulation activates the brain’s genital sensory cortex the same way that touching genitals does. Meaning – it is scientifically possible to orgasm from nipple stimulation.

Tenuto 2’s ergonomic design features two flexible silicone flaps that constrict around the penis to promote stronger, longer-lasting erections. Those same flaps create a vibrating perimeter around the nipple to elicit the most delicious sensations. Alternatively, you can press any vibrating parts directly on the nipple for more direct stimulation. Use Tenuto 2 during foreplay with a partner or just for solo play.

5. Turbocharge Any Blowjob Or Hand Job

Tenuto 2 can amplify any blowjob or hand job by adding new and stimulating sensations from the penis tip to the perineum. If you want to spoil your partner, have them don Tenuto 2 for an extraordinary combination experience. In addition, Tenuto 2’s added stimulation can help keep the foreplay experience enjoyable for both parties. It’s no secret that all that hard work can get tiring after a while. Give your hand or jaw a break without losing momentum and maintaining arousal. We’ve all been there when locked jaw sets in, Tenuto 2 to the rescue.

6. Makes Hard Conversations About Sex – Easy

Some people may find it difficult to ask for what they need in sexual situations, like additional clitoral stimulation or a harder stronger erection, regardless of their relationship status. Whether it’s due to shame or not wanting to hurt a partner’s feelings, Tenuto 2 solves this problem in the most pleasurable way.

Tenuto 2 was designed to maximize sexual pleasure for couples, meaning it offers pleasure for all genitals. This couple’s vibrator gives the penis fuller, longer-lasting erections while simultaneously vibrating against the vulva and clitoris during intercourse so that you can come together in more than one way. Get the explosive finale you both deserve with Tenuto 2.

7. Maintains Sexual Health In Peri – Post Menopausal Women

As we age, our hormones naturally decline, and if you were born with ovaries, you will inevitably experience menopause. During menopause, women can experience several sexual health difficulties like arousal disorder, vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication production, and more. For perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women, vaginal stimulation may become a difficult and painful experience.

Tenuto 2’s powerful vibrations can relieve pain by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow, which in turn increases arousal and lubrication production, making penetrative sex more pleasurable.

8. Economize! 2 People, 1 Vibrator, Infinite Ways To Plays

Let’s be real, vibrators can be expensive, and not everyone has the means to buy different vibrators and try them all on for size. Tenuto 2 is the vibrator you can gift to him that you’ve always wanted. Sneaky, sneaky. Tenuto 2 has infinite applications for pleasure. For the price of one vibrator, you get multiple sex toys – a solo male sex toy, a solo female sex toy, a couple’s toy, a nipple vibrator; you get the idea. And that’s the power of a body-adaptable, flexible vibrator.

Control Your Partner's Orgasm With Tenuto 2's Free Smartphone App

9. Flirt With Power And Control Your Partner’s Orgasm

Tenuto 2 leverages the best parts of technology to keep the bedroom full of novel and exciting experiences for couples. Flirt with domination and control your partner’s orgasm or tease and edge them with Tenuto 2’s smart app live control feature. With MysteryVibe’s free smartphone app or the MysteryVibe remote, you can control Tenuto 2’s vibration intensity level, pattern, and even which vibrations come from which motor to orchestrate a truly orgasmic experience.

Keep him guessing which vibe you’ll choose - will you edge him low and slow and indulge in orgasm denial, or will you dial-up to maximum intensity and give him a mind-blowing ride to remember? The power is in your hands – literally. 

Tenuto 2 is designed to be the bridge that connects two individuals into one intimate experience making it the ultimate couple’s vibrator and the ideal vibrator that benefits men and women alike.

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