8 Reasons Why Women Use G-Spot Vibrators

Curious why someone would use a G-spot vibrator and its benefits? Here are 8 reasons women are using them G-spot vibrators and how to use one.

Published Oct 20 2021 5 min read

Women are more open and intuitive about their sexuality, whether or not they’re sharing it with a partner or exploring it on their own. In fact, more and more women use sex toys, such as G-Spot vibrators, to increase pleasure and have the best sexual experiences – not to mention the fact that it is harder for women to reach orgasm than it is for men. If you’re curious about using a G-Spot vibrator or its benefits, keep reading and you might just end up getting yourself one.

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What is a G-Spot Vibrator?

Vibrators come in different forms. There are bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, massage wands, and clitoral vibrators, among others. But what makes G-Spot vibrators different from other types is that, as its name suggests, it targets your G-Spot. The G-Spot is traditionally hard to reach. It is located in the front wall of the vagina, which is often not reached by penetration. The G-Spot vibrator is shaped or angled to reach this part of the woman anatomy and maximize gratification.

Top 8 Reasons Women Use G-Spot Vibrators

Here are some of the most common reasons why women use G-Spot vibrators:

1. To intensify stimulation

Some women don’t get satisfied with just plain penetration. And although you can maximize stimulation by using your own hands or your partner’s, with a G-Spot vibrator, the speed is a lot more consistent, and you might reach climax sooner than you think.

2. To reach orgasm faster

For some women, stimulating the G-Spot is the best way to finish. And since a G-Spot vibrator helps intensify stimulation, it can also accelerate the process of reaching orgasm. It really depends on your climax preferences though, but the G-Spot is a highly sensitive part of the vagina which, when stimulated, can literally leave you catching your breath.


3. To understand their bodies

The G-Spot is often hard to reach or even identify. Some women use G-Spot vibrators to help them understand their bodies through masturbation. With an intimate understanding of where the G-Spot is located, women can better communicate to their partners how to stimulate it. If you’re into kinky explorations, using a G-Spot vibrator can help you spice up your bedroom. Some sex therapists also recommend using vibrators to women who want to help their partners understand what makes them tick in the bedroom and help improve their sex life as well.

4. To spice things up with their partners

Some couples who’ve been together for quite a long time might be less interested with being sexually intimate with their partners, or even experience a dead bedroom. To ignite the fire back or even just to spice things up, some couples introduce role playing to the picture and use sex toys like G-Spot vibrators. 

5. To sleep easily after a tiring day

Orgasms are natural sleeping aids. But sometimes, you’re too tired to move, do it on your own or even have sex with your partner. Thankfully, for such moments, you can grab a G-Spot vibrator and doze off in just a few minutes. 

6. To release stress

During orgasm, the body releases endorphins and the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which can help decrease stress levels and make you feel good about yourself. Apart from feeling good, endorphins also can help alleviate whatever pain you are feeling. In fact, the book Women’s Sexualities published in 2006 found that 39% of the 2,600 women they studied masturbate as a form of relaxation. And again, if you’re too tired to use your fingers or even move, using a G-Spot vibrator can save the day. 

7. They’re not yet ready to have a partner

Some women use G-Spot vibrators because they like exploring and experiencing pleasure but they’re not yet ready to have partners. Not to mention that nowadays it can be challenging to find a sexual partner who matches your sex drive, sexual preferences and delivers your needs. 

8. G-Spot vibrators are multi-functional

Some women prefer to buy a G-Spot vibrator because they can be more versatile than other kinds of sex toys. You can use them both internally or externally on the clitoris, nipples and other erogenous zones. 

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How to Use a G-Spot Vibrator

If you've never used a G-Spot vibrator before, don’t worry. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide: 

1. Find a way to get turned on first

In order to maximize the sensation a G-Spot vibrator brings, we recommend that you get aroused first, whether by thinking of, watching or reading something that can excite you. This way, your G-Spot would already be reactive, making it more responsive to vibrations. Ooh, sounds heavenly! 

2. Put a condom on your vibrator before using it

One of the best ways to keep your vibrator clean, or any other sex toy that you insert in your vagina, is by putting condoms on them before use. This could also make it easier for you to wipe off the lube from the condom instead of wiping it off from the sex toy and your skin. This is just a suggestion though and you can use it however you want, with or without a condom. But remember never to share your G-Spot vibrator with anyone, especially if they are not your partner, to avoid acquiring viruses or any sexually transmitted disease. 

3. Use a lubricant 

Although women self-lubricate when aroused, it is still best to use lubricants (especially the water-based ones when using sex toys) when inserting a vibrator so it doesn’t hurt and it can slide in smoothly. 

4. Insert the G-Spot vibrator properly 

G-Spot vibrators are normally bent or angled to reach the G-Spot easily, but you still need to insert it with care. Since you are the one who knows your body most, listen to it, and take your time as well. 

5. Clean your G-Spot vibrator after use 

This can help prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your body. Pro tip: cleaning is a lot easier when you use waterproof variants. 

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Meet Poco, The G-Spot Vibrator

If you’re interested in buying your own G-Spot vibrator, we recommend the Poco G-Spot vibrator. Some of its great features are as follows: 

  • It is bendable

Designed to mimic your finger, it’s flexible and can help you reach your G-Spot easily - not to mention you can use it in many different sex positions

  • It is programmable

You can modify its intensity levels and individually program the 2 motors through your phone or even control it by pressing ‘play’ and ‘pause.’ With multiple vibration patterns available and 16 intensity levels, the combinations are endless. If you want to be more playful with your partner, letting him/her control your vibrator through their phone could be a great idea. 

  • It is USB rechargeable

You can have fun with it conveniently for the long haul since you can just charge it anytime, anywhere. 

  • It is compact

It means you can bring Poco the G-Spot vibrator anywhere (like when you’re dining out with your partner, shopping at the mall or partying at a bar) and still be discreet about your inner naughty self. 

  • It is water resistant

You can use it in the shower and get it wet without having to worry. It’s also easier to clean, so that’s another advantage as well. 

  • It has two motors

Poco the G-Spot vibrator has a motor on the tip or the bendable part of the vibrator, and another one in the middle which means that it doesn’t only target your G-Spot. It can bring sensation to other parts of your vagina, too. Double the motors basically means double the pleasure. Who wouldn’t love that?

Final Thoughts

Owning a G-Spot vibrator is highly recommended, whether for masturbation, role playing or trying out new tricks with your partner. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when using sex toys as they generally encourage sexual positivity and feeling good about oneself, which may help improve your mood and overall well-being. As long as you use it for yourself and within a consensual relationship, you’re all good. Get your own G-Spot vibrator if you still don’t have one! We’re excited for you!

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