37 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s Day Sex Orgasmic

Heat up your Valentine's Day sex with couple's sex games, sultry love letters, or sensual sex paintings for an unforgettable night of pleasure.

Published Jan 31 2024 15 min read

Ah, love is in the air! Let's go beyond the clichés of Valentine’s Day and focus on what matters - those intimate moments. Whether you're in a new relationship or a long-term partnership, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to show affection and explore desires and fantasies. And there is so much excitement to explore! Let's unwrap the best part of this Hallmark holiday with these orgasmic Valentine’s Day sex ideas designed to inspire, arouse, and celebrate love and desire.

Play a sexy game

Get into the spirit of the season with an exciting, sexy game night. Explore provocative sex games for couples like steamy question cards, chance-based sex dice, naked Twister, strip poker, or the beautifully illustrated MysteryVibe's Playcard sex games. 

Experiment with temperature play

Take your bedroom from cold to hot with temperature play! This sensation play practice involves using different temperatures to enhance sexual pleasure. Start with simple ice cubes, rubbing them over erogenous zones for an exhilarating contrast of cold against warm skin. Then heat things back up with the warmth of a hand or tongue. If ice play feels too chilly, try heat play for a different twist. Drizzle hot wax over less sensitive areas for a highly erotic sensation, especially when combined with a blindfold. 

Use a sex toy together

What’s more orgasmic than something designed for orgasm? Using a new sex toy together can turn a routine sexual encounter into an orgasmic adventure of mind-blowing proportions. Bend into bliss with a bendable vibrator like Crescendo 2 that gives Big O’s and blended orgasms. Giddy-up and get ready for a wild ride with a couple’s vibrator like Tenuto 2 that gives him harder, longer-lasting erections and arouses her vulva and clitoris at the same time!

Role play your fantasies

From classic doctor/patient scenarios to seductive French maid roles, let go of your daily personas and embrace playful eroticism with creative couple’s role play ideas. Enhance the authenticity with costumes and explore your fantasies by meeting at a bar or creating a scene at home. Grab your props, your imagination and most importantly, have fun! 

Get adventurous with anal play

Anal play like rimming and anal sex can enhance intimacy between couples and introduce new sensations to your sex life. Before you dive into anal sex, make sure you’re both on the same page and prepared for anal play. Consider anal training if you’re new to anal play, or amp up your playtime with beginner friendly anal sex toys like Molto or Crescendo 2.

Try different sex positions

There’s always that one sex position you’ve been wanting to try (the Amazon sex position is beckoning). Trying out different sex positions can heighten anticipation and inject novelty into your sex life. The goal is to create a playful and unique experience for an intense or sensually satisfying time. Each partner can make a list of sex positions they want to try and combine them. Remember, the process should be light-hearted, fun, and all about embracing novelty and discovering new favorites together.

Let your partner control your pleasure

If you're up for an exciting Valentine's Day adventure, consider letting go of planning and allowing your partner take control. There are many ways to surrender control to your partner such as bondage, blindfolds or using remote control vibrators. Remote control vibrators can even be used to elevate public displays of affection on a discreet yet exciting level. Knowing your partner has control over your pleasure, whether public or private, can take the experience to the next level, deepening trust and strengthening your connection.

Indulge in sensual food play

Food play, also known as ‘sploshing’’, is a fun, creative way to incorporate food into foreplay. You can get creative with chocolate syrup, cake, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and even champagne. Pour it over each other and enjoy licking it off areas like the torso, lower back, breasts, toes, nipples, and the nape of the neck to build sexual tension. Just be aware of certain foods around the vagina to avoid infection. Afterward, hop into the shower to wash off together and relish that intimate connection.

Record a home video

In today's age of high-definition smartphone cameras, everyone can be their own movie star. Turn your bedroom adventures into a cinematic escapade, capturing or creating a night of passion. Acting for the camera adds glamour and an exciting element of exhibitionism. Watching the footage together can be a sexy memento or a source of erotic inspiration for future sex-sessions. Remember, this is all about expressing sexuality with consent and confidence. The video can be a cherished keepsake or deleted for privacy if that's what both partners prefer.

Book a hotel getaway

Consider a booking a hotel suite for an intimate and exciting Valentine’s Day experience. A hotel can remove family distractions and create a haven of affection for a memorable, magical evening. While a hotel offers a sanctuary from daily responsibilities, more modest accommodations can be a backdrop for a romantic getaway, such as a staycation or an accommodation on a home-sharing platform.

Shop sexy lingerie

Make Valentine's Day special with a fun lingerie shopping spree. One approach is to buy lingerie as a surprise for your partner on the day, or you can make it a shared experience and shop together! Shop alluring pieces and then head back home for the highlight of the evening. Prepare a Valentine's Day playlist and have an irresistible fashion show, walking the catwalk towards your partner to release all that built-up tension.

Give an erotic massage

An erotic massage at home is a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine's Day with relaxation and intimacy. Create a relaxing atmosphere with candles, aromatherapy, and scented massage oil. Focus on your partner's back, shoulders, arms, and legs, gradually moving to more intimate areas as they relax into your hands. A long and sensual massage with oil can lead to elevated sensuality, cuddling, and a more passionate response...

Indulge in sensory deprivation

Using blindfolds can make the sexual experience even more exhilarating. Simple items like a silk tie or bandana can work effectively. Removing your sense of sight intensifies other sensations and adds a thrilling power dynamic. Blindfolding is just the beginning of sensory play. You can also experiment with other senses, like using handcuffs to remove the agency of touch. Sensory deprivation often stimulates other senses, opening up new possibilities to enhance and explore sexual encounters.

Write a sexy love letter

Channel your inner Shakespeare and use the power of words to spice up the romance in your relationship. Remind your partner how loved and desired they are with a handwritten love letter. A handwritten letter has the most impact, but a printed note works, too. Be bold and explicit, describing promises of future intimacy and reminiscing about passionate encounters. Or create a sweet, sensual sonnet that will make your partner smile from ear to ear.

Gift sexy photos

Gifting sexy photos to your partner sparks desire and anticipation. Taking sexy nudes is an empowering act that can allow you and your partner to view your sexuality in a new, sensual light. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture your allure. Posing in risqué lingerie can be thrilling and transformative. Taking and sending sexy photos can be exhilarating foreplay to begin a night of steamy sex!

Have a threesome

When brainstorming ways to spice up Valentine's Day, considering a threesome can add an adventurous twist to traditional celebrations. Have an open discussion to determine if a threesome is right for both of you and educate yourselves with how to have a successful threesome. It's worth noting that this option isn't limited to couples - if you're single and looking for a unique Valentine's Day plan, being a unicorn and joining a couple for their adventurous celebration could be an exciting option.

Sext all day long

Sexting adds to the anticipation of future intimate activities. Set the mood with suggestive messages, painting a picture of potential activities for the evening. Engage in a playful exchange of quick photos, flirtatious messages, or try sexting games to heighten anticipation throughout the day.

Do a striptease for your partner

To spice up your Valentine's Day, consider treating your partner to a private striptease. Channel your inner pin-up model and unleash your irresistible charm. Slowly undress, allowing your partner to savor each moment like unwrapping a present. It's not just about shedding clothes; it's about unveiling desire, layer by layer, and creating an electric atmosphere for a passionate night. So, take your time and build anticipation with a sensual striptease.

Explore virtual intimacy

Even if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can bridge the distance with the fantastic world of virtual intimacy. From phone sex to video chat and sex-toy apps, these options offer a truly intimate connection. You and your partner can control pleasure from anywhere, all while exploring and exciting each other. No matter the physical divide, these experiences can bring you closer and create electrifying moments of romance.

Have sex everywhere but the bedroom

Turn Valentine's Day into a home adventure, doing everything but the ordinary! Explore different spaces - from the washing machine's vibrations in the laundry room to spankings on a sturdy kitchen table or try creative car sex positions. Transform your home into a playground for adult fun, encouraging innovation and exploring new connections.

Try some public displays of affection

Public displays of affection can range from sweet handholding to bolder sex in public. Plan a romantic route with unique locations, creating spontaneous moments of intimacy that heighten excitement and anticipation for the night ahead. Keep a robe or blanket handy for a quick getaway or cover-up, ensuring unforgettable Valentine's Day memories without any unintended scandal.

Unleash your fantasies by writing erotica

Spice things up this Valentine's Day with heartfelt words and personalized erotica for your partner. Share your deepest desires, fantasies, or steamy encounters with written erotica. Not your typical love letter, but writing erotica with or for your partner can be a new and exciting treat in your relationship. Take turns reading separately or aloud together. Keep the fire of fantasy burning long after Cupid's Day with an experience that ignites the erotic imagination.

Explore the sensual world of tantric sex

Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu practice that fosters connection and pleasure through physical and mental activities. To have an intimate evening of connection and stimulation, dim the lights, light some candles, play sensual music, and try out some tantric sex practices like soul gazing and deep breathing. While tantric sex isn't all about orgasms, it can lead to some of the best ones you've ever had by creating a stronger bond with your partner.

Take a sex class together

Taking a sex class with your partner can be both educational and exciting. It deepens your connection and offers a safe space to explore and enhance pleasure. Whether it's tantric sex, sensual yoga, or erotic massage, sex workshops provide practical techniques on touch, intimacy, and communication. They're super helpful for a fulfilling sex life and give you and your partner new ways to please each other while having fun.

Try non-penetrative sex

If you usually default to penetrative sex in your relationship, you might want to switch it up completely this Valentine's Day. Try exploring other sexual activities like mutual masturbationoral sex, or hand jobs, you can add a new level of closeness and excitement to your connection. These alternative pleasures can enhance your sexual repertoire and bring a fresh sense of exploration to your relationship.

Watch ethical porn together

Watching ethical porn together can enhance a couple's understanding of desires and boundaries within a respectful framework. Unlike mainstream porn, ethical porn prioritizes equal pay, genuine pleasure, and relatable scenarios that emphasize mutuality and consent. Couples can spark conversations about preferences by watching this content together and fostering a more empathetic sexual dynamic.

Explore virtual reality porn together

Since we’re on the topic of provocative content, couples looking for new experiences might find VR porn intriguing to watch. With immersive technology, VR porn can revolutionize pleasure by turning observation into immersive participation. VR porn takes stimulation from a 2D screen to a 3D adventure in a virtual environment. VR allows individuals to interact with their fantasies, deepening intimacy and sparking discussions about desires and preferences.

Read (or listen to) something sexy together

If you're into captivating stories and prefer words to visuals, diving into the world of erotic literature can bring immense satisfaction. Explore BDSM books, or even try reading erotic stories out loud with your partner to spice things up and deepen intimacy. If reading isn't your thing, try listening to audio porn as an erotic alternative. Discover a wide range of erotic audio escapes tailored to your desires and set the perfect mood for a passionately intimate experience with sultry audio stories.

Paint with your bodies

Transform your love into art by making a sex painting together! Couples can spread out a blank canvas, using body paint to express themselves in vibrant ways. The canvas captures every touch as you move together in rhythm, creating a unique masterpiece that symbolizes your connection. Once dried, this personal art can become a keepsake of shared affection or a visual reminder of your erotic relationship (and certainly a conversation starter).

Map your partner's pleasure spots

Explore your partner's body with pleasure mapping. Pleasure mapping is a way to discover and understand your partner’s erogenous zones beyond the usual suspects. There are a few ways to do this. Start with touching one partner's body without trying to get them to orgasm. Have your partner rate each touch on a scale of 1-10. Take note of areas where different sensations are felt. You can write down what you learn or turn this into an arts and crafts activity by outlining your bodies on a canvas and writing where and how each touch felt. Switch roles and let your partner pleasure map your body, too.

Embrace the steam of shower sex

Recreating the classic rom-com moment with steamy shower sex can be both amusing and exciting. Getting soaking wet while being intimate and celebrating love as the water cascades over you both is undeniably exhilarating. So, try some sexy shower sex positions, use a lubricant, and definitely have fun!

Have morning sex

Having morning sex can be a magical way to start the day. Waking up next to someone you care about, with the world just a whisper beyond your bed sheets, creates a unique intimacy. It's a chance to express desires freely without fatigue or formalities. While responsibilities may call, being a little late to work is a small price to pay for beginning Valentine's Day in the warmth of shared affection and intimacy.

Enhance pleasure with CBD lube

Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable by adding CBD-infused lube to your experience. This plant-based lubricant can help increase arousal and provides the calming properties associated with CBD. It ensures comfort during intimacy so you and your partner can fully enjoy the moment, deepen your bond, and enhance your sensory experience.

Take a spontaneous, last-minute trip

When is the last (or first time) you spontaneously came up with an idea and just did it? Spontaneity can really improve connection and intimacy. Try it! Use those unused vacations or "sick days" and pick a new surrounding or activity to delve into! There are amazing deals on flights, activities, or cruises you can take to your advantage as well!

Try some BDSM

Trying out BDSM can bring a some much needed diversity to your Valentine's Day sex. If you aren't super familiar with BDSM activities, try some beginner BDSM activities like blindfolding, gentle restraints, or playful spanking. The sky is the limit though, if you and your partner consent, you can try more intense BDSM like ruined orgasms and rope bondage. Remember to talk about it first, respect boundaries, and always get consent, even with your partner when trying something new. 

Experiment with edging

Why not take your Valentine's Day to the edge?! And by edge, we mean edging, also known as delaying your orgasm. Edging involves getting yourself close to climax and then pausing stimulation before reaching the peak. While this might sound counterintuitive to having a good orgasm, edging creates a crazy good amount of sexual tension and elevates arousal, leading to a mind-blowing and satisfying release... when you finally get there.

Explore dominance and submission

Use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to explore power dynamics. If you're typically more submissive, try taking control and expressing assertive desire. On the other hand, if you're usually dominant, consider submitting to your partner. Playing with power dynamics doesn’t have to be a big ordeal with whips, chains, or what most people assume when they think of S/M. There are simple ways to incorporate dominance and submission into your everyday life, even if for just one day. These power plays invite deeper partner exploration, discovery, and ultimately – sexual satisfaction.


Valentine's Day is the perfect time to ignite passion and get creative with some exciting, romantic adventures and activities. From dominance with remote control vibrators to letting your creative juices flow with sex paintings, there are endless possibilities to add a cheeky, sensual or sexy twist to your romance. These ideas can deepen your connection with your partner and amplify pleasure, allowing you to create your most memorable (and orgasmic) Valentine’s Day sex yet!

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